'Gogglebox' Stars Had A Lot Of Thoughts About David From 'Survivor'

Another week, another round of LOLs thanks to our Gogglebox stars.

This week, our favourite couch dwellers tuned in to 'Survivor' -- more specifically, they watched as the self-proclaimed Golden God, David Genat, continue his reign of manipulation across the tribe as he remained staunchly confident in his goal to become this season's Sole Survivor.

"This guy's a f***ing douchebag!" Jad declared -- and he wasn't the only one who thought that "The Chief" was far too big for his boots.

"Stop calling yourself 'The Chief', you idiot!" Lee yelled at the television as she scoffed alongside husband Keith.

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"I wouldn't say I'm untouchable, but I'm about as close as you can get," David confidentially declared on 'Survivor'.

"Ugh, I couldn't handle him," Isabelle Silbery commented as she watched alongside her mum and grandma. "I'd sleep with him, but I couldn't handle him," she added.

Meanwhile, a fired-up Lee wasn't done having a go at the controversial contestant, adding, "He thinks he's such hot stuff and I'm thinking, 'Well you're not!'" while hubby Keith quipped, "There's only a couple of us like that!"

Excitement soon kicked in, however, once 'Looking For Alibrandi' star and 'Survivor' contestant Pia Miranda suggested the tribe blindside David during Tribal Council.

"What is he wearing tonight?!" yelled Lee, who clearly wasn't a fan of David's jungle-man get-up.

"He looks like Tarzan at a wedding," Symon added.

Then the votes were tallied, the tribe had spoken, and David was the next contestant to leave 'Survivor', and honestly -- we've never seen our Goggleboxers more excited!

Join us next time for ongoing LOLs with all our Gogglebox families and friends!

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