'I'm Lucky There Wasn't A Stabbing!': Roxy Jacenko Dishes On New Show 'I Am... Roxy'

'I Am... Roxy' is one of several shows airing as part of Network Ten’s Pilot Week lineup.

From starting her PR empire with no prior experience at the age of 24 to being diagnosed with breast cancer just as husband Oliver Curtis was jailed for insider trading, entrepreneur and mum-of-two Roxy Jacenko has been through it all.

Now, viewers will get a chance to get an uncensored look into high-flying life of the business owner and author as she juggles running five businesses while working with her husband, being a mum to daughter Pixie and son Hunter, along with simultaneously renovating her multimillion-dollar home in her Pilot Week show 'I Am... Roxy'.

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"I think that the most important thing is that it is all very real," Roxy told 10 daily. "Lines haven't been fed to me, though maybe I should lie and say they have!" she laughed.

And with that reality, comes a very real look at her marriage with husband Oli, who often bears the brunt of Roxy's brash comments -- including one particular scene in which Roxy berates Oli for picking the wrong sized lights for her makeup mirror.

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"I'm sorry, can we talk about those f***ing lights!" she said upon being asked about the scene. "For God's sake, they were NOT what I asked for... But yes I think with that situation you can see I'm an obsessive-compulsive perfectionist, but I think there's nothing wrong with that -- I just want things done properly".

"Running a business is challenging, and working with your husband is tough -- and then throw renovation and I'm lucky there wasn't a stabbing!" she joked.

Roxy's need to have things done efficiently becomes glaringly evident during a scene at Sweaty Betty HQ, where she and her staff are discussing pitch ideas -- with Roxy bluntly shutting down one young staffer's idea of testing a client's false eyelash product at punters at the racers.

"If I take something on, I do it as though it's my own brand or my own business and I'll put 200 percent into it," she said, adding, "Too many people will do 50 percent -- and so now I don't sleep at night and I bite my lips until they bleed!"

Despite taking her work very seriously, Roxy hopes that viewers simply see the pilot as an entertaining watch.

"I just want people to see it as light relief -- just a bit of fun," she said. "When I posted the preview on Instagram, people were like, 'Oh my God, she's actually like me!', or 'Yep, I experience that with my husband when we did our renovation,' So they can see that it's just normal life -- but with bells and whistles and drama!"

You can catch 'I Am... Roxy' during Pilot Week at 8:30 pm on Wednesday, September 11 on 10 and 10 play. 

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