'It Was A Shock To Me': Pia Miranda Addresses 'Survivor' Challenge Controversy

In her first individual immunity win Pia Miranda was all smiles, but fans of 'Australian Survivor' scrutinised the win, accusing the 'Looking for Alibrandi' star of cheating.

On Monday's episode, Pia struggled through a gruelling 90-minute challenge where each of the contestants had to hang onto a bar -- initially with both hands, and eventually dropping to hanging from just one hand.

The challenge saw Pia up against Simon Black and Luke Toki. In the final moments, Simon slipped off taking himself out of the challenge and soon after Luke did the same.

Pia Miranda Responds To 'Australian Survivor' Challenge Controversy
Near the end of the challenge Pia told Luke and Shaun, "I'm not even hurting... I want to hear you groan!" Photo: Network 10.

But in the seconds between Simon and Luke letting go of the bar, Pia appeared to grab the bar with both hands -- before Luke had officially let go.

Fans lashed out, claiming the win wasn't earned and the actor had cheated her way to immunity.

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At the time, the producers issued a statement saying: "Pia was the winner of the challenge. All that were there saw the win play out this way."

Now Pia has posted her own statement on Instagram claiming she had "no reason to cheat".

"In regards to the edit showing me apparently changing arms," she wrote, "I was changing them throughout the challenge when it was 2 arms to give each one a rest. I can only assume vision came from that period of the challenge."

"As for me grabbing the bar with two hands at the end of the challenge," the caption continued, "it was a complete surprise to me as I would never intentionally cheat to win, I love the game too much.

"The boys told me the challenge was mine and that they were dropping out, so on their call to drop I then grabbed the bar in excitement. I was declared the winner on the day and was so thrilled about it so it was a shock to me that there was any controversy."

Honestly, I wasn’t tired so I had no reason to cheat. After so many days in the game and over 90 minutes hanging in a challenge I would hate for my whole experience to be defined by a debate about a split second as I respect and love the game of Survivor so much.

"I love the fans of Survivor ( as I am one too) and so I hope this clears things up a bit."

Fans wrote in support of Pia -- with Luke himself commenting: "The king of the jungle can get behind this post" adding the hashtag #ChallengeBeast.

The Godmother herself, Janine Allis, also commented on Pia's statement writhing: "Was you challenge Pia [sic]. No debate".

Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders' airs Monday - Tuesday at 7.30pm, only on 10, 10 Play and WIN Network.

Featured image: Network 10.