Neighbours: The Blakeney Twins Return To Ramsey Street

The dynamic duo is back to make Paul's life hell once more after almost 30 years.

Catching up with Studio10 regular Craig Bennett from Hollywood, Gayle and Gillian Blakeney dished on their highly anticipated return to Ramsey Street.

"It was a delight," Gillian told Craig when the pair got the call to return, "We were like... why not!"

"We said sure, interested, no problem," Gayle added before admitting that the first thing they did after hanging up the phone was hit up Google to find out how long ago they had been on the show.

The return signals a revival of twin sister characters Christina and Caroline Alessi  who left the show in 1992.

But it wasn't just the twins who wanted a refresher on their TV past -- their kids wanted in on the trip down memory lane too.

"They didn't really know much about that chapter of our lives," Gayle said.

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"They knew we were "stars" and we were on a big show, but we never really demonstrated it," she continued, "They got a sense of it because they went back and looked at videos.

"YouTube has commercials that we did at 11! Everything that we've done is there in that resource, they found it all."

From the archives, twin sisters Christina and Caroline Alessi.

"They went to town as Google internet researchers," Gillian agreed.

Obviously the return of Christina and Caroline Alessi to 'Neighbours' is great news for longtime fans of the series, but not such great news for one person: Paul Robinson.

Despite being married to Christina (Gayle), Paul had an awkward dalliance with Caroline (Gillian) behind her back. The pair are set to return just as Paul faces his sixth marriage (Christina was bride number three) and no doubt some trouble will be made.

While their brief comeback is set to send some waves through Paul's life, the question remains: will we be seeing more of the Alessi twins in the future?

"It was fun to be plucked from obscurity for this project," Gillian told Craig, "I wouldn't say no to going back on 'Neighbours' in the future for a few episodes..."

Before she had time to finish that thought, Gayle jumped in adding, "It took them 28 years to invite us back, so if they invite us in another 28 years we'll be 80 and can create havoc with our canes!"

"In the nursing home with Paul," Gillian teased.

Check out the full interview with Gayle and Gillian in the video above.

Don't miss the Blakeney twins return to 'Neighbours' from Wednesday, September 6 at 6.30 on 10 Peach.