'Gogglebox' Is More Hilarious Than Usual After Adam's Wisdom Teeth Surgery

While friends Adam and Symon don't usually have trouble finding the humour in any TV show -- Adam's dental surgery made things just that bit more of a hoot.

Sitting down to watch 'Better Homes and Gardens', Adam was decked out with a surgical strap around his chin, nursing his sore jaw after having his wisdom teeth removed.

Did we mention he was also on a lot of painkillers?

Luckily his good friend Symon was there to spoon-feed him some strawberry yoghurt ahead of their 'Gogglebox' session, even if it was more of a force-feed that saw the liquid dribbling down his chin.

Photo: Network 10.

"It's all in my netting, isn't it?" Adam complained.

The pair then settled in to watch a program that was made all the more enjoyable courtesy of the recovering patient's powerful meds, with Adam enthusiastically singing the theme tune from 'Harry's Practice' when TV vet Dr Harry popped up on the program.

"All the animals on 'Harry's Fractice'," he happily lisped.

"It's practice, 'Harry's Practice'," scolded Symon.

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Photo: Network 10.

After a long episode that involved someone building a strange wooden bedside knob for Father's Day, Dr Harry's visit to a farting French Bulldog and Pete Evans' breakfast recipe that contained mince and wine, Adam was ready to call the evening a great success.

"I don't know about you but I'm having a bloody good Friday night," he smiled when the program wrapped up.

"Yeah, that's because you're high on Endone," replied Symon.

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Adam revealed to his followers on Instagram this week that he was recovering well from the surgery, even if it had changed the shape of his face a bit.

"I may have less wisdom, but I finally have that strong jawline I have always wanted," he wrote.

'Gogglebox Australia' Airs Thursdays at 8.30pm On 10 And Win Network.