The Bachelor Australia 2019: Kristen Says 'Zaijian' To The Bachelor Mansion

With just six girls left in Thursday's rose ceremony, it was Kristen Czyszek who bid farewell to Bachie Matt.

While the dwindling number of girls competing for Matt Agnew's heart means increasingly close competition, Kirsten revealed that she was still surprised about not receiving a rose during Thursday's ceremony.

"I was really shocked when I got sent home because I know the time Matt and I spent together was special, we had a really strong bond that no one had been able to see," she explained to 10 daily.

"If you did, you might understand why I was so shocked -- I really felt like there was so much more of our connection to explore and the time was right for me to get the next single date. I really felt it in my heart..." she continued.

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While she wasn't expecting the outcome, she has no hard feelings towards Matt or the rest of the girls.

"A lot of things happened that night that influenced the decision, but it is what it is and I got sent home! In saying that, I’m really happy for Matt that he found somebody that he’s truly in love with, and it’s okay that that person wasn’t me," she said.

"I had an incredibly wonderful experience and kind of came out of it unscathed. If I went any futher it would have been a lot harder."

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It's no secret that throughout the season, Kristen became renowned for her love of all things Chinese, as was evidenced by her regularly speaking in Mandarin during her time in the mansion. But for her, becoming known as the "China girl" was, at first, surprising.

"I kind of shot myself in the foot by including in my bio my friends call me the ‘China girl’ as it was only meant to be a light-hearted joke!" she said. "My time on the show was very focused on China, and that’s basically the only thing you got to see -- but if you enjoyed that, I’m glad!"

One thing Kristen wishes viewers could have seen more of was the ongoing camaraderie and support the girls offered one another while all competing for the same man.

"I really do care so much about people and wanted to support every girl in the house, because we were all in it together and we needed to be there for each other," she said, "Otherwise, it would have been much harder than it  actually was."

And while she was undoubtedly put in an incredibly unusual situation, Kristen believes that her experience on 'The Bachelor' made her a stronger person, as well as helped her to break out of her comfort zone -- as we all witnessed when she jumped out of a plane during a group skydiving date.

"I had no idea how resilient I can be," she explained. "You're incredibly vulnerable when you’re getting to know somebody you might be able to fall in love with and you’re with 20 other girls wanting to do that same thing -- all while being supportive and making special friendships."

"I learned that I was able to live in that environment while remaining true to myself. I'm really proud of myself to get through all of that and walk away knowing I've grown so much as a person."

As for what Kristen's best advice would be for any future 'Bachelor' hopefuls?

"Don't have any expectations," she said. "Be yourself wholly and truly. Just be aware of the circumstances that you’re in and that you’re going to be dating one man who is dating 20 other girls."

She added, "Just be a good, kind person. Enjoy everything for what it is because it's a once in a lifetime opportunity -- and it was truly amazing! I'm so happy and proud of myself."

"Be kind, be supportive and focus on your heart."

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