The Bachelor Australia 2019: 'I Was A Bit Overwhelmed': Helena Opens Up About Her Insecurities

On Thursday's episode of 'The Bachelor', Matt and Helena's date saw the pair looking at a timeline of their possible future together.

And while it seemed that the task -- which included the duo observing at what point they'd hope to be married and have children -- became a bit too much for Helena, she revealed that her reaction was actually for a whole different reason.

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"I honestly didn't know what we were doing, it looked like a high school project. Were we going to be finger painting? The minute I saw it and he explained it I thought, 'this is so perfect!'" Helena explained to 10 daily.

"I thought it was quite touching," she added.

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It was at this point that the blonde beauty began to realise the gravity of the situation she was in and when, she says, her insecurities and self-doubt took over.

"I just walked away at the end as I was upset because I'd been quite awkward," she said.

"I was panicking and thinking about his connection with other girls, and I was a bit overwhelmed."

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"I'm not one to fall head over heels with anyone and once I started to have these feelings for Matt I started to panic when thinking about every single girl saying they have connections with him."

But being the level-headed gal she is, it didn't take long for Helena to take a moment to regroup and carry on with her romantic moonlight date with Matt.

"I think I really gave myself a pep talk, I was like 'come on you’ve got one date, don't stuff it up!' So in the second half, I got into it straight away and explained myself -- and I was really happy I did that," she said.

"It was a shame I was awkward to begin with, but it’s just that I never got used to doing it all on camera, it’s just a bit crazy!"

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