'The Boys Bloody Grilled Me': Daisy Got Scolded During Her Jury Villa Feast

Daisy Richardson said the welcome she experienced upon arrival to her Jury Villa feast wasn't what she was expecting.

While her fellow 'Australian Survivor' contestants Shaun and David wrote a whole song with ukulele accompaniment for John's arrival, Daisy was under interrogation the moment she began chomping on her steak off the bone.

"It was interesting because I thought I’d be welcomed with open arms and the three boys bloody grilled me," she told 10 daily after her elimination. 

"We sat there over a burger and they absolutely gave it to me," she said, adding that her fellow jurors probably knew that she "could take it". 

Photo: Network 10.

The boys each had a grievance or two to settle with Daise, who may have compromised a few of her relationships to get ahead in the game.

"Shaun grilled me about putting his name down [at tribal], John grilled me about not playing the idol for him and Dave grilled me about being part of his blindside," she said. 

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She explained that she was used to copping it from John and Shaun, who have a similar sense of humour to her.

"John and I have a very banter-y relationship. We’d give each other so much sh** that we’d have to take a separate time-out and go to separate corners to cool off and come back," she laughed. 

"Shaun and I have a very similar sense of humour but we were always pretty okay to poke fun at each other."

Photo: Network 10.

She added that "funnily enough, Dave has a wicked sense of humour but we just didn’t really get to see it because he was so serious about his gameplay". 

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Daisy said she's been watching the Jury Villa series and seeing how the boys "gave each other really friendly welcomes", a stark contrast to the way they greeted her.

"But I think they knew that, because I could handle it, they could hang sh** on me hardcore," she said. 

You can watch Daisy's arrival to the Jury Villa over at 10 Play.

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