The Masked Singer Australia: Osher Günsberg Explains How It All Works

When it comes to 'The Masked Singer Australia', perhaps the most pressing question is... what the hell is going on?

On the surface, the show features a robot, a unicorn, some kind of pirate prawn and a whole swathe of other incredible looking but wildly confusing costumes... on a singing show?

Not only that, but under each of these elaborate outfits are local and international celebrities. And the best part about it is that no one has a clue who is hiding under the mask.

In order to explain just what exactly we can expect from the very first season of 'The Masked Singer Australia', we got the show's host Osher Günsberg to explain it all.

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"Most other singing shows that we've seen have been anonymous people seeking fame," Osher explained. "This is famous people seeking anonymity."

Osh is obviously no stranger to singing shows, hosting all seven seasons of 'Australian Idol', but as he explained, "It's less of a singing show".

"Yeah, they're singing, but that's not the main aim of the show. The main aim of the show is to find out who is behind the mask."

"Also, on 'Idol' I never walked out every night with dancers and pyro," he told 10 daily, "On 'Masked Singer' that's standard."

"Not a bad way to arrive at work, let me tell you," he added, "I'm trying to arrange dancers and fireworks cues every time I come home too, but I don't think my wife would approve. It would wake the baby."

For people trying to crack the case, it's not just a matter of hearing the 12 masked celebrities belt out tunes on stage. As Osher explained, before each performance a handful of clues are given out to help you out... but, they're not always going to be super helpful.

"Say for example if it was me -- and, it's not me -- you might see someone playing soccer," Osher said. "Now, I played in the Kenmore Rangers under-fives, alright, when I was five so yes I have played soccer...

"So little things like that will show up where parts of the singer's history will emerge and as we get closer and closer to the end, the clues get more and more obvious."

He added that when some of the celebs will take off their masks you'll be slapping yourself for not joining the dots sooner, but it sounds like we've definitely got our work cut out for us.

Part of Osh's job hosting the 'Bachelor' franchise means he has to be a pro at keeping secrets, but he told 10 daily that across his career he had never worked on a show with such tight security.

"And I've worked on 'Bachelor' finales in countries where we have the local federal police protecting us!

"The security protocols were astonishing," he added, "I believe we employ ex-ASIO employees or something because let me tell you the level of scrutiny, detail and rigorous oversight around protecting the anonymity of the masks was just incredible."

Many people will doubt that the show's panel -- Dave Hughes, Dannii Minogue, Jackie O and Lindsay Lohan -- may know more than they're letting on, or perhaps the show's host knows exactly who is hiding under the masks.

But don't be fooled, this is one show packed full of surprises.

"When the masks come off, that is absolutely the first time we know who they are. While it's super frustrating for me to not know, I'm also tickled pink that I don't know -- because I get to play along too, and I get to see if I'm right or not!"

Honestly, this show cannot come soon enough.

Check out more of what Osh had to say about the show in the video above.

'The Masked Singer Australia' is coming soon to 10 and WIN Networks.

Featured image: Network 10.