The Bachelor Australia 2019: Sogand Mohtat Reveals Her Two Biggest Regrets

After a turbulent cocktail party, it was Sogand Mohtat who did not receive a rose from Bachelor Matt Agnew.

Speaking to 10 daily following her exit from the mansion, Sogand admitted that the whole process of 'The Bachelor Australia' was "a lot harder" than she had anticipated.

"I definitely didn't think it would be this hard," she added, "but it was just as much fun. If I were to do it all again, I'd do the same things."

But as we spoke more, Sogand started to reflect on what she saw as the big regrets she had during her time in the mansion. Namely, that drama with bachelorette Abbie Chatfield distracted her from her own connection with Bachelor Matt.

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After watching the series back, Sogand admitted she could see herself investing a bit too much time in the drama with Abbie.

"It was hard for me to sit quietly when I could see her pretending to be one thing in front of Matt, and different when the cameras weren't rolling," she said.

Abbie's authenticity has become quite the hot issue in the house, with several of the bachelorettes and Matt's friend Kate calling her intentions into question. Sogand was one of the bachelorettes who spoke openly about not believing Abbie to be as authentic as perhaps she was presenting herself to Matt.

"I wanted [Matt] to know who was there for the right reasons, and for that reason, I got involved with Abbie too much."

Adding that there were moments that may not have made the final cut where the pair "were civil" and had some good times, Sogand added that all the drama took away from her initial strong connection with Matt.

Following a successful first date, Sogand and Matt's connection seemed to be put on the back burner while he began to explore his chemistry with some of the other bachelorettes.

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After that date, Sogand admitted she definitely thought there would be a future with Matt. Adding that Matt is someone she could see herself with, Sogand didn't want to be selfish or pushy when it came to Matt's time.

"I wanted to play it fair, I wanted him to have time with every single girl and -- that's wrong to think. We don't have the luxury of time," she said, "I wasn't going to fake it to pretend that I'm definitely the right girl for him, I wanted him to see who is the right girl and spend time with everyone and pick the right person."

"If I could go back I would focus on my connection with Matt, be a bit more forward and let him know how I feel rather than let him try and work it out," she said.

Her other regret is obviously being as involved with Abbie as she was. But not for the reasons you may have thought.

"There was no winning with that," she said of her confrontations with the 23-year-old, "I thought if I was to tell her how it is and let her know that everyone knows she's lying or playing the game, maybe she would stop and I'd protect her from being exposed. But she didn't want a bar of it... I wish I didn't invest so much time in her story."

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