The Bachelor Australia 2019: Two Date Cards And A Raspberry Rock The Cocktail Party

It was a cocktail party twist that proved alone time with Matt is vital and so, it seems, is fresh fruit.

After Bachelor royalty, Laura Byrne and Snezana Markoski, picked Helena to have dinner with their partners and Matt, and after Matt's single date with Emma, there were just five bachelorettes without a rose.

But before the rose ceremony kicked off, Osher had a little surprise for the bachelorettes. Whipping out two date cards, the host told the bachelorettes that they would need to decide which two out of the seven remaining women would have the opportunity to have uninterrupted time with Matt. One of those date card-holders would also receive a rose ahead of the rose ceremony.

The Bachelor Australia 2019: Two Date Cards And A Raspberry Rock The Cocktail Party
Osher explained that these date cards would be vital to securing that connection with Matt. Photo: Network 10.

Instantly Sogand grabbed the card, after not having a second single date with Matt since the very first date of the season. The second card was far less diplomatic.

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Urging the others to let her take it, Elly explained that she was desperate to use the time to speak to Matt about something she desperately wanted to tell him.

"I'm sh***ing myself if I don't get to say this at this cocktail party, girls," she told the other bachelorettes, "like honestly, I need to say stuff."

"Yep, I also have things to say," Abbie shot back.

It's the latest in small tensions between the two frontrunners, as Abbie decided that giving Elly the time would only further put her own connection with Matt at risk.

Ultimately Elly made the decision to take the bull by the horns -- and the date card off the table. But Abbie wasn't going to let that be the end of it.

"I don't want you to feel guilty for having lots of time with Matt," Abbie told Elly, "But there were specific things that I wanted to say to him tonight."

The bold move worked, and Abbie managed to convince Elly to hand over the date card so she could have her chance to say what she needed to say to Matt.

Those "specific things" she mentioned... turned out to be about the cheeseboard.

The Bachelor Australia 2019: Two Date Cards And A Raspberry Rock The Cocktail Party
"Are you a cheeser?" - Matt Agnew, 2019. Photo: Network 10.

"I'm so excited to eat the cheese," Abbie told Matt when they finally had their moment, "what type of cheese..." she mused before noticing a new addition to the spread.

"Oh, a raspberry! This is a new platter!" she excitedly told the Bachelor while her fellow bachelorettes wondered what could have possibly been weighing on her mind.

But the fun didn't stop there, after returning to the cocktail party, Abbie told the others exactly what had gone down during her very important alone time.

"I got a raspberry," she explained, "and that's all that really matters. You know what I mean? I got a fresh raspberry."

The Bachelor Australia 2019: Two Date Cards And A Raspberry Rock The Cocktail Party
Elly and Emma were not impressed whatsoever with Abbie's all important raspberry moment. Photo: Network 10.

Seemingly throwing Elly's generosity back in her face, Abbie couldn't have been happier as Matt gave her a rose ahead of the rose ceremony. Meanwhile, the other bachelorettes plotted her demise.

Unfortunately, despite snagging the other date card, Matt sent Sogand home where she can buy as many raspberries as she wants.

Featured image: Network 10.

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