'The Blindside Was Pretty Confronting': Simon Black Exits 'Australian Survivor'

After a short stay on Exile Beach, AFL legend Simon Black has become the 18th person to leave 'Australian Survivor' this season.

Simon's comfortable Champions alliance was left on rocky ground after a betrayal from Abbey, who jumped ship to join Luke, Baden and Harry.

Former power players Pia and Janine were in shock as Simon was sent into exile with Daisy, with the athlete then forced to fight for his place on Soli Bula.

Although Daisy was sent home first, it didn't take long for Simon to join her at Jury Villa after he failed to win immunity, find a hidden idol or rebuild his broken alliance.

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Speaking to 10 daily after his elimination, Simon explained that the first blindside that sent him to Exile Beach was "pretty confronting".

"It was obviously a bit of a shock at the time, I didn’t see it coming. I thought we were voting Abbey out with Luke, Harry and Baden and then they blindsided me."

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Although, after all the drama back at camp, he said the trip to Exile was actually a welcome change -- a very different experience from Daisy's miserable stay.

"The time on Exile was actually quite refreshing," said the former Brisbane Lions player. 

"Daisy had been there for two nights and had put a shelter together and got a fire going. Just being able to hang with another person away from camp was actually really enjoyable.

"I was lucky to only have one night and not three nights there but we had a beautiful little bay, I had a swim the next morning," he said. 

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Simon went on to beat Daisy to regain his spot in the tribe, only to be voted out again after the new, more powerful alliance led by Abbey, Luke, Baden and Harry.

The former footballer acquired a target on his back after performing successfully in immunity challenges, drawing upon his physical skills as an athlete.

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He told 10 daily that his AFL career helped him not just physically throughout his 41 days in the game, but socially as well.

"The social aspect forms an important part of how you function as a team and there’s no doubt my background in sport really helped me connect with people in the tribe and helped me get as far as I did in the game," he explained. 

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As the votes were read out and Simon reacted to his elimination, he noted that he hadn't "competed in a while and I hate losing".

"Coming back from Exile, I was hoping to sway some people's minds... and it didn't go my way."

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Pondering whether it was harder to win a Brownlow medal or to make it to the end of 'Survivor', Simon had a clear answer.

"Sh**, for me, I won a Brownlow and I didn't really get too close to winning Sole Survivor so I think Sole Survivor's got it!"

Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders' airs Monday - Tuesday at 7.30pm, only on 10, 10 Play and WIN Network.