'Absolutely Crazy': Daisy Explained What We Didn't See Of Her Time On Exile Beach

Daisy Richardson has been eliminated from 'Australian Survivor' but had to spend three harrowing nights in exile before she headed to Jury Villa.

After a tribal council twist, the country girl was sent packing to a beach 40 minutes away from her tribemates at Soli Bula, just as a powerful tropical storm began rolling in.

"The episode didn’t even scratch the surface but I literally had the worst weather in 'Australian Survivor' history while I was on Exile," Daisy told 10 daily after her elimination. 

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She explained that the rain continued for six hours straight one night, accompanied by "thunder, lightning and gale-force winds".

"I was just soaked to the core. My shelter held up for about an hour and a half and then, I was kind of laughing my way through it. I thought, ‘Okay, it’s a tropical storm, this is Fiji, things will pass’. 

"And then it didn’t at all. It was crazy. It was absolutely crazy."

Daisy struggled to get a fire started the morning after the big storm. Photo: Network 10.

Daisy told 10 daily that although she'd started a fire during the first day, the storm snuffed it out and soaked everything on Exile Beach. 

"I had no dry materials. It literally took me from sun up to sun down to get a fire started. So I was pretty emotional, I think I had a mini panic attack at one point."

And while Daisy wasn't totally alone, she explained that it was actually pretty rough to have a camera person observing her as she tried to shelter from the torrential rain.

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"They’re standing under an umbrella in a raincoat just observing you pretty much, they can’t talk to you or help you. 

"And everyone says, ‘Oh there’s a camera crew around you’, but I would argue that that makes you feel more isolated because they’re literally there observing you like you’re in a zoo." 

Being the resilient country girl that she is, Daisy "rose from it like a phoenix from the ashes" ready to compete against Simon, who had joined her for the tail-end on Exile Beach, when the weather had vastly improved.

Photo: Network 10.

The pair battled it out in an obstacle course that involved guiding discs through a complex obstacle and stacking them atop a precarious spring.

Daisy commented that she was "gutted" to miss out on re-joining Soli Bula and also that she wouldn't be able to "link up with Simon and work with him" in a new alliance.

"At that time, Blackie was probably who I was closest with in the game," she said. 

"In saying that, of anyone I wanted to lose to, it took less of a sting out of it that it was him because we were such good mates," she told 10 daily. 

Photo: Network 10.

While the tide quickly began to turn against Daisy and the Contenders after the merge, she did manage to find two immunity idols, playing them both for herself.

"My biggest regret is probably not playing my idol for John that night. We really could have evened up the score at that point because there was nine of us left and we would have had four-four and way more of a shot of it," she told 10 daily. 

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"But it is what it is and John understood when I didn’t play it for him. The paranoia is real out there. Sometimes you’ve just got to save your own skin."

The travel agent is now back at work, explaining that "nothing has changed" since returning to her life outside 'Survivor' even though she, herself, has experienced a transformation. 

"A few more people pull me up in shopping centres now and ask where they know me from or get a photo," she said. 

"You turn into a bit of a thrill-seeker when you get back because you know how much you can push yourself, I'm way more resilient and confident."

Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders' airs Monday - Tuesday at 7.30pm, only on 10, 10 Play and WIN Network.