'Deals Are Made To Be Broken': Why Abbey Flipped On Janine And Pia

After weeks of obediently following Janine and Pia's lead, Abbey has taken control of the game and flipped on her once secure alliance.

The AFLW player has been cruising along under the protection of The Godmother and The Smiling Assassin but after a convincing pep talk from Harry, she decided it was time to stop "riding the numbers" and take a big risk of her own.

"Maybe it’s about time for me to have the guts to stand up for myself and flip that alliance on its head," she mused. 

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"It’s taken me a very long time to get to this point but I recognise it’s time for me to make a big move."

It's not the first time Abbey has flipped on a seemingly tight alliance, turning on the athletes' team once led by Steven to join Janine, Pia, Luke and David way back at the beginning of the series.

While promising she'd stay "Champion strong" for the second Exile Beach vote, Abbey instead voted for Simon, blindsiding Pia and Janine for the first time in the game.

A twist! Photo: Network 10.

Abbey played a convincing double act right until the votes were read out, even when she was asked by JLP if "anyone's going to be surprised by tonight's vote?"

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"Ah, I don't think so, Jonathan. The numbers really speak for themselves," she said, as both Harry and Baden looked visibly worried.

But when there were just two votes for Baden and the "mop flopped" on Simon, as Daisy would say, Abbey brazenly embraced her new alliance while Pia and Janine looked on in horror.

Photo: Network 10.

Although Abbey admitted she wasn't ready to "pull the trigger" on Janine, it's going to be a rather uncomfortable time back at Soli Bula for Abs after flipping on the two power players.

As JLP noted, you've got to be "very careful making a deal in a game where deals are made to be broken".

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