'Australian Survivor': Could Dirty Harry Actually Take Down The Godmother?

The ice cream king and the Boost Juice queen are both dangerous players -- but who has a better shot at being Sole Survivor?

After the big tribe swap, the pair suspiciously sized one another up, identified each other as threats and began inventing villainous nicknames.

Harry began referring to Janine as the Godmother as a way of putting a target on her back as the tribe's leader, and although she promised through gritted teeth she had no feelings about the moniker, he'd clearly gotten under her skin.

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Janine began using the name Dirty Harry to describe her least favourite tribe member but has also referred to him as a cockroach, capable of surviving any kind of attack launched at him.

Realising that if she couldn't stamp Harry out, it was probably safer to keep him as an ally -- Haz and The Godmother joined forces. While it's been convenient for them both to team up, the cracks are beginning to show and old grievances are bound to bubble up again.

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We decided to pit the villains against each other to ponder who will be packing up for Jury Villa first.

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Janine Is Much More Skilled At Challenges
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While neither Janine nor Harry have scored individual immunity idols just yet, the Godmother has flaunted her flexibility and endurance again and again. Remember, she did a lot of hot yoga and strength conditioning before she came into the game.

Harry Will Lie About Literally Anything
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Do we need to remind you that Harry invented a fake son as a way of cosying up to the family-friendly Champions? Harry answered question after question about little Oscar Hudson Hills, despite clearly not knowing anything about toddlers.

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After Ross asked if Oscar was real at that explosive tribal, Harry took the nuclear option and outed himself as a true villain to try and influence the Champions' voting.

He might have outed himself as ~bad boy~ but he also showed that he was completely fearless with a hefty sprinkling of unpredictability.

Janine Has The Smiling Assassin On Her Side

At the moment, it seems as though no one is more dangerous or more ruthless than Pia -- who's not only a skilled actor but a dedicated student of the game of 'Survivor'.

She's Janine's right-hand woman and the pair wield serious power together, successfully orchestrating the last few tribal council eliminations. Harry doesn't particularly like his dwindling Contenders alliance, but it's all he's got to work with at the moment.

Harry's A Proven Immunity Idol Hunter
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It's why Janine got Harry on side in the first place -- because he kept finding immunity idols. Even when he was closely followed by a Champion as he scuttled around in the jungle, he managed to get his hands on a life-saving necklace.

If a conflict does arise between Janine and Harry -- he definitely has the advantage in knowing how the game works and where he's most likely to hunt down an idol.

Whoever makes it to Jury Villa first, there's no doubt the pair join David and Shaun in having one of the best rivalries in the game this season.

Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders' airs Sunday - Tuesday at 7.30pm, only on 10, 10 Play and WIN Network.