Surprise! 'Survivor' Elimination Turns Into A Trip To Exile Beach

During what was already a very confusing tribal council, Jonathan LaPaglia announced a change to the usual proceedings.

"You’re not going to be voting to send someone home, you’re going to be voting to send someone to Exile Beach," he explained as everyone's jaws dropped. 

Everyone, that is, except for Harry and Luke who looked positively thrilled at the prospect of a 'Survivor' shakeup.

Photo: Network 10.

Earlier that day, Daisy had whispered a big ol' lie into the ears of a few Champs -- explaining that an unidentified Champion had informed her that Luke had told everyone about her hidden idol.

Although completely false, the info caused a few cracks in the alliance with Luke concerned that Pia had run to Daisy with the info.

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After being invited along to Janine and Simon's spa reward with Pia, Daisy was told that the Champs were going to make a big move on Luke. 

Daisy soon guessed that it was actually her head on the chopping block, noting at tribal that she just wanted to "air the dirty laundry and see which way the mop flops" spilling all the info she was privy to. 

But as JLP read out the votes, the mop flopped on Daisy and she was sent on her all-expenses-paid trip to Exile Beach. 

Not the beach vacation Daisy was hoping for. Photo: Network 10.
How Will This Whole Exile Beach Thing Work?

While we can't stop singing Exile Beach to the tune of "Echo Beach" -- the location is nowhere near as idyllic as the one described by Martha and The Muffins.

In what's already a very tough mental game, Exile Beach throws isolation into the mix which has the potential to destroy someone who's already very hungry, tired and cold.

After spending the day on Exile, Daisy will be joined by the person who gets out at the next tribal. They'll then go head to head in a challenge and whoever wins rejoins Soli Bula while the loser will head to Jury Villa.

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Baden rightly pointed out that whoever returns will probably "have a grudge to settle" but Harry excitedly remarked that he thought it was "going to be a lot of fun!"

We're just hoping that Daisy brushes up on her 'Survivor' strategies in Exile because so far, she's just been blowing up her own game.

Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders' airs Sunday - Tuesday at 7.30pm, only on 10, 10 Play and WIN Network.