'The 'Gogglebox' Families Reveal The Foods They'd Be Tempted By On 'Survivor'

The 'Gogglebox' families have named the meals that they'd sacrifice anything for if they found themselves on 'Australian Survivor'.

Watching the Soli Bula tribe's first reward after the big merge, the households pondered which dish would make them drop their arms mid-challenge and forget about the ~mystery box~ that would be presented to the winner.

Keith even decided to play along at home, holding his beer above his head as he waited for temptation.

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Which, turns out, was pretty damn quick as JLP brought out a plate of bacon and eggs to tempt the hungry contestants.

"You didn't last, Keith!" exclaimed Lee.

Photo: Network 10.

JLP's offers of spaghetti bolognese and pizza were met with some cheers from the Jacksons and the Daltons but other households had some more specific requests.

Faye rattled off a few Greek delicacies including tzatziki (cucumber and yoghurt sauce), tiropita (feta cheese pie), with Anastasia jumping in with taramasalata (fish roe dip).

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"Kafta bil sanieh!" said Jad, mentioning the Lebanese meal made with beef, potatoes and tomatoes.

Photo: Network 10.

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Grant from the Jackson family decided that it was probably the "Macca's coffee frappe" that would most tempt him, which honestly doesn't sound like a good deal, and Leanne sighed as she said her will would bend for a hot cup of instant noodles.

That's even before everyone got into untangling the web of alliances being formed in Soli Bula and roasted Andy for his "dirty hat".

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