The Bachelor's Kristen Says Ditching Social Media 'Was The Best Thing I've Ever Done'

Prior to signing up for 'The Bachelor', Kristen Czyszek couldn't be found on social media -- and for good reason.

Speaking to 10 daily, the 24-year-old -- who impressed Matt Agnew with her fluency in Mandarin -- revealed that it was the need to have a fresh start in a new country which lead to her ditching all her social media accounts.

"I deleted my social media two years ago when I first moved to China," she said.

"I wanted to go into this new chapter of my life entirely focused on the present and not worry about what my friends were doing and wishing I was there."

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With no friends or family in the country to support her, along with the incredible language barrier, Kristen believed that the best way to tackle the challenges that come with relocating to a whole new country was to immerse herself completely into her new life.

"I wanted to remove any negative distractions that may have tempted me to give up," she said.

"So, I learned to live my life without Instagram and Facebook and stayed focused on the incredibly exciting new life I was living."

"It was the best thing I had ever done," she added.

"And then I would go back to Australia and see everyone on their phones and had absolutely no desire to get mine out and start filming my breakfast".

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However, since coming home and making her way to the Bachelor mansion Kristen has returned to Instagram, acknowledging social media's increasing prevalence in today's world -- particularly when you're on 'The Bachelor'.

"While it was wonderful to be off the grid for so long, I am completely aware that our lives are so reliant on technology and the social media world, so I have decided to ease myself back in," she said.

"I limit my time on it as much as possible, I only really use it while 'The Bachelor' is airing," she added.

"The new trial of removing likes is making the transition much easier too."

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With her new 'gram peppered with sweet snaps that only document her 'Bachelor' journey as opposed to giving strangers a look into her private life, Kristen offered one last bit of insight as to why putting down your phone -- even for a short time -- can do wonders for your mental health.

"People can’t help but value themselves based off the number of likes you receive, and that's another big reason why I deleted my accounts -- I didn’t want to let my self-worth be determined by a double tap on a photo," she said.

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Oh, and as for all those rumours that she's actually a secret 'sleeper agent' for the Chinese tourism department hired to go on 'The Bachelor'?

"It’s probably the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard," she laughed.

"I would be the most hopeless secret agent in the world!"

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