The Bachelor's Nichole Tells All: 'I Never Had A Problem With Monique'

After Nichole was sent home in Thursday's rose ceremony, we got the low down on what actually went down during that beef between her and Monique.

Early in the season, Nichole found herself in the centre of the drama upon the arrival of the "new girls" -- more specifically, her supposed "doppelganger", Monique Morely.

"Basically, when the new girls came in we were making jokes about our doppelgangers," she told 10 daily. "From afar she was another blonde, so it just started off as a passing joke but then everyone kept running with it."

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She continued, "I felt pressure to have this rivalry between her and I that wasn’t actually there -- I didn't have a problem with Monique! We’re friends, we still talk to this day."

"It's one of those things that got taken out of context. Me and her never really had any issues."

As Nichole's time in the mansion went on, the 25-year-old went from being in the middle of the drama to taking a backseat as a spectator to other girls' beef with one another.

"The other dramas that happened were more entertaining, so I sat back because I wasn't getting involved in those!" she said.

As for the latest drama -- in which many of the girls believe Abbie isn't being sincere in her motives -- Nichole remained diplomatic.

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"Look, I think Matt’s friend was sort of on the money more, saying that she’s in there for the right intentions, even though they might not be the same intentions that Matt’s are," she said.

"She still wanted to fall in love, and everyone’s on there for different reasons. She just might have a different idea of what she sees happening in five years to what Matt sees happening in the next five years," she added.

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