The Bachelor Australia 2019: Nikki's Touching Tribute To Her Mum

She may have been all laughs in the Bachelor mansion, but chatting to 10 daily, Nikki Ferris spoke about the legacy she built to honour her mum, Sharon.

"My life is kind of like 'The Bold and the Beautiful'," Nikki told 10 daily, "I think I'm cursed".

Explaining that, when she was a teenager, her father left her and her mother, Nikki said the pair worked tirelessly to pay off debts he had also left with them after her parents divorced.

"Six months later she was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer," said adding, "She never smoked."

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Undergoing treatment for her cancer, Sharon suffered from chronic pain in her neck and lungs. On one of her treatment days, Sharon and Nikki met a woman who had a therapy pillow to assist with the discomfort that can come from painful therapies and long treatments.

"Mum asked where she had gotten it from and she said it was given to her by the McGrath Foundation," Nikki said.

"This all happened in the space of a couple of months. The chemo stopped working, at this point mum was palliative."

Sharon passed away in late February of 2017, but before she did Nikki made her a promise.

"There are all different types of therapy pillows and all different types of things you can use them for. I promised mum that no matter what cancer you have, you'd receive a therapy pillow."

Nikki founded Sharon's Wish, a charity that aims to fulfil the promise she made, providing free therapy pillows to cancer patients. Starting with lung cancer patients, Nikki hopes to eventually expand to hospitals across NSW, offering a variety of pillows to assist with patients struggling with other cancers.

"That's all because of my mum," Nikki said.

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Image: via Facebook.Nikki also opened up about her time on 'The Bachelor', saying she struggled with opening up in the house, which she chalked up to being "really awkward".

"Honestly, every rose ceremony I was surprised when he called out my name for a rose. I was shocked like, I like you but I can't believe you like me!

"I'm like Shrek, like an onion," she laughed, "I use humour as a sense of deflection for things. I'm a bit insecure I suppose but I try and make the world a better place."

'The Bachelor' airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7.30pm, only on 10, 10 Play and WIN Networks.