'Bloody Hell!': John Got A Rude Shock After Entering The 'Survivor' Jury Villa

Australian mullet hero John Eastoe has exited 'Survivor' and made his way to Jury Villa -- but got a bit of an unwelcome surprise.

After over 30 days surviving on rice, huddling under a tarpaulin and having no contact with home, the Villa welcomes eliminated contestants with soft mountains of bed linen, plates stacked with fried food and access to a phone with video-calling capabilities.

"Little bit better than the bloody beach shack, that's for sure!" John said as he inspected his lodgings.

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As he launched himself onto his hotel suite bed, he announced that it was probably "time to call the old girl and see what the craic is over there" in Australia.

But after several rings, John was met with a rude recording that informed him that "the person you are calling is not available".

"Righto, I'll give you a bell tomorrow then, mate," he sighed.

Photo: 10 Play.

But the next day after a few more attempts to get his mother on the phone THERE WAS STILL NO ANSWER.

"I've tried ringing you like three or four times now, I've been gone for the best part of two bloody months," he said on another voicemail recording.

"Ball's in your court now, mum," he added.


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Luckily John had pals Shaun and David to keep him company in the Villa with the first three members sitting down for a nice relaxing game of Scrabble along with an introduction to John's "Spectacular Home Grown Vernacular".

Shaun and David quizzed their new hotel-mate about the choice phrases he'd use in certain situations, like what he thought of Luke Toki's foot situation.

"He took his shoes off and it was a wonder they didn't walk away!" said John.

Shaun then asked what John thought about 'Survivor' superfan Andy, who had just missed out on a spot in the jury.

"Oh Showbags?" he asked, before clarifying that he'd chosen that nickname for Andy because he's "full of sh** like a showbag" you might pick up at the Easter Show.

While we're not sure if John's mum ever picked up the phone, at least he was reunited with his one true love, a big ol' plate of Mexican parmigiana.

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