The Bachelor Australia 2019: Cheerleader Nikki Revealed Her 'Steven Bradbury' Moment

After not receiving a rose from Bachelor Matt Agnew, Nikki Ferris spilled all the hot goss on her time in the mansion.

"I evacuated that place quicker than a lactose intolerant person after two iced coffees and a tub of ice cream," Nikki said. "It was a bit rough cutting me just before Father's Day. Just like my own dad, Matt walked out on me."

The hysterically funny 24-year-old rattled off a few other absolute crackers ("I'm from Western Sydney so I was used to all the backstabbing") while also giving us a few very interesting nuggets of wisdom. Emphasis on nuggets.

"I made a lot of good girlfriends," she said of her time in the mansion, "Matt's hotter than a menopausal woman but going in there I was like, 'Everyone hates me!'"

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Entering the house with the other intruders during the second episode, Nikki arrived in a cheerleader's outfit, with an iconic cheer including the line "Lemme see you shake that booty".

"I had all these people message me -- one said I inspired them to become a cheerleader," Nikki told 10 daily, adding, "I'm not even a real cheerleader!"

Nikki's final night on 'The Bachelor' was an electric one, with fellow bachelorette Rachael being sent home before a rose ceremony after Matt found out she had slid her phone number to a member of the crew.

Osher delivered the news to the remaining bachelorettes that Rachael had been sent home early, but there would still be a rose ceremony.

"I wasn't expecting a rose ceremony," Nikki said, "but I felt like Steven Bradbury -- because Rach got kicked out, I technically made the top 10! I'm always winning by default."

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Despite finding herself in the top 10, Nikki didn't receive a rose and, unlike Rachael, she hadn't spent her time in the house looking for other options. Something she apparently regrets.

"Rach had a plan B at least. I need to start looking. Anyone else in the crew want my number? Like, seriously, help me..."

While Nikki was one of the biggest personalities to explode onto the scene with her brilliant "Bonjour bitches, mama's home!" her time on 'The Bachelor' was more muted. But that doesn't mean she didn't get time with Matt that didn't make it to air.

"I did a chicken nugget rap," she revealed, "and I had some nuggets in a jewellery box. I fed them to Matt."

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As for her advice for anyone thinking about signing up for future seasons of 'The Bachelor', it was a simple "Just do it, girlfriend."

"Unless you end up with Matt," she joked, "He's like a fine wine. He's great but he's a bit dry. He's out of this world!" She laughed, "but there's a reason humans haven't landed on Mars. Like Matt... it's very dry.

"But just do it! Like a good fart, if it ends up being s**t? That's fine, you still did it."

Truer words were never spoken.

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