‘Some People Find It Easy To Backstab’: Why John Refused To Play Dirty On ‘Survivor’

John Eastoe's time on 'Australian Survivor' was marked by his professions of love for Mexican parmigianas, four-bean mix and a few neck oils.

And he was just as vocal about his favourite comfort foods as he was about upholding his integrity -- absolutely refusing to lie or cheat his way to the number one spot.

"I just don’t think it’s natural for me to play dirty," he told 10 daily after his elimination. 

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"Some people find it easy to backstab but I said right from the get-go that I wanted to go and play the Good Bloke card. Then when I met Simon Black I realised that he trumped me for the Good Bloke card so if I could just play the Average Bloke card, I could get past on that," John said. 

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At least, that was before John realised that all-around legend Blackie was quite comfortable throwing challenges to get ahead in 'Survivor' -- something that John considered unfathomable.

"I remember I was sitting there around the fire going, ‘I tell you what, Simon, anyone who throws a bloody challenge is not alright in my book’ and he stood there and looked me in the eye and said, ‘Yeah, I bloody agree with you, mate’.

 "Little did I know he’d just thrown a challenge to get rid of Matty," said John. 

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The underground gold miner told 10 daily that his noble approach to 'Survivor' was probably pretty closely tied to his competitive nature.I guess I’m just a competitive person and you want to try and get the best out of yourself. So you go up against people in these challenges and you want to give your all. 

"I thought the game served me well and in the end, I was just unlucky.”

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John was voted out after a tribal council that saw Soli Bula vote twice after his name, as well Abbey's and Harry's were read out by JLP. Daisy had previously found a hidden immunity idol but was caught red-handed by Pia and Luke who then used the knowledge to their advantage with the old Champions alliance.

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"I kind of knew it was happening, it was sort of circumstantial, there was an idol in play, I’d done what I could to try and get a few people to flip," John told 10 daily. 

"That Champions alliance was just a little bit too staunch so someone had to make way."

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Throwing up a double 'shakas' as he became the 16th person voted out of 'Australian Survivor' this season -- John quickly accepted that his time had come to an end.

"I was unlucky but that’s the game of ‘Survivor’ at the end of the day," he said. 

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