'Australian Survivor': This Is Exactly What Goes Down In Jury Villa

The game isn't over for the eliminated members of Soli Bula who still have to perform some very important duties on the 'Survivor' jury.

The role means entering a sort of luxury limbo where they're holed up in a hotel by day and then courtside for all the tribal council drama by night -- a definite upgrade from eating burnt rice and shivering under a dripping tarp.

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So far, arch-rivals David Genat and Shaun Hampson have become the first members of the jury and it really seems as though their friendship has been blossoming as they feast, play golf, start a band and discuss where their 'Survivor' strategies got derailed.

Let's take a look inside the villa!

The Feasting
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After more than a month living off rice and old coconuts, the Jury Villa feast is a thing to behold -- sort of like that scene in 'Hook' where the Lost Boys magic up chicken drumsticks and ice cream pies with the power of their imagination.

David told 10 daily after his elimination that the first thing he got served up was steak and fries, his special request after a very hungry month in the jungle.

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"The Jury feast is disgusting -- please don’t judge me, I was very, very hungry," he laughed. 

"I’m pretty sure the Horse [Shaun] and I put down enough food for like 25 people that night," he added. 

Beds, Bathrooms And Beyond
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After a month of sleeping like sardines on a crunchy bamboo mattress and enduring the occasional mini-hurricane -- the Jury Villa welcomes the sore and weary contestants with actual pillows, luxury bed linen and A ROOF!

"I haven’t gotten into bed since I’ve gotten back without thinking how grateful I am to be sleeping on a mattress," Shaun told 10 daily after he left the game. 

"It’s every time I get into bed I’m like, ‘oh my god, this is amazing.’"

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Another added bonus is the access to hot showers, shampoo, a laundry and moisturiser -- something Dave had been sorely missing.

"I’m so used to having this morning skincare routine where I cleanse my face, put on my moisturiser and stuff like that," he told us, explaining that his time in the game meant being "sunburnt, dried out" and having "saltwater constantly on your face". 

The Power Of Friendship
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It's not uncommon for strong friendships -- or relationships -- to be forged in the fires of a bitter rivalry.

Even though David once used his arts and crafts skills to make a fake idol for Shaun, the pair have repaired their relationship during their relaxing Villa vacation.

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"We got along immediately," David said of his time with new BFF Shaun.

"We spent a lot of time hanging out and chatting about the game. We had a guitar there and I play and Shaun plays, so we played a bit of guitar, we swam, did some kayaking, did some running."

Photo: 10 Play.
Nobody Has Access To The Wifi Password

While they might be out of the competition, the Jury Villa residents are still very much part of the show so they have zero access to the world wide web.

"We’d get the phone to be able to talk or FaceTime with our family but there’s one phone that’s sort of shared between us and we got to sort of book time in with it," Shaun told 10 daily. 

Shaun explained that it was a bit tough knowing if he'd gotten out before merge he would have been able to reunite with his family sooner, but it was still a massive privilege to help choose who would become Sole Survivor.

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"It was a bit of a strange one because I’m thinking to myself, ‘Man, if I just went to tribal before I could be home with my family now instead of having to spend two and a half or three weeks in Jury Villa’.

"[But] to think that I could get so far but not have a say in the final outcome would have been a really hard pill to swallow. "

 You can catch all the Jury Villa action after each episode of 'Australian Survivor' over on 10 play.

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