'The Cream Always Rises To The Top': Who's Safe This Week On 'Survivor'?

Hello and welcome to another round of 'Who's Safe, Who's Not' where we ponder the unpredictable state of affairs over at Camp Soli Bula.

It's been over 30 days since the Contenders and Champions first faced off and the power dynamic has shifted yet again after three big names left at tribal council this week.

Challenge beast Shaun was turfed out under the instructions of self-described "Golden God" David who was then rudely blindsided the very next night because Pia was concerned he was getting a little too big for his boots.

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Fan favourite and wearer of Australia's Best Mullet, John, was next to leave -- but only because Daisy managed to find a hidden immunity idol but didn't really know what to do with it.

This game is a tangled web of allegiances, lies, dumb luck and coconut rice but let's dive in and make some wild guesses about next week!

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Even though Luke was the only member of the tribe who didn't know David was going to get blindsided, the expert 'Survivor' champ has already secured his spot in a comfy alliance with Janine, Pia and Abbey.

"I was on the bottom and I'm already on the top, 24 hours it took," he explained.

"I'm telling you, the cream always rises to the top!"

Luke is fine, for now. Photo: Network 10.

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Pia has amped up her social game and delivered several award-worthy monologues this week, managing to lull David into a false sense of security with her theatrics. She's Godmother Janine's right-hand woman but we can't help but think she's a much bigger threat than the Boost Juice CEO.

Acting! Photo: Network 10.

Baden has several interesting factors working in his favour after proving that he's skilled at puzzles, planking and flying across monkey bars. More importantly, he's a floating ally with both the old Champs and the former Contenders willing to keep him on side.  All the way, Bae!

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On The Bubble

Simon won his first individual immunity idol this week after narrowly out-planking Baden but his challenge prowess could soon work against him as the powerful players begin to carefully weed out their competition. Yes, he's technically in the Champs alliance with Janine, Pia, Abbey and Luke but he's also not the one calling the shots so his time could be limited.

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Look, we could be extremely misguided for placing Abbey in the middle of the pack again considering her alliance with Pia and Janine. But we just haven't seen her displaying any of their ruthlessness. Abbey's name was up against John at the last tribal with the AFLW player scraping by with one vote so there's a possibility she could be next if her alliance crumbles.

Sitting on that bubble. Photo: Network 10.
Not Safe

A wild guess because we promise we haven't watched next week's episodes yet but Janine is a visible threat and on 'Survivor', threats get taken down.

Her power struggle with Harry might have been recently quashed because the Cockroach kept surviving her attacks but there's still an underlying tension between the two. 

"Considering I've tried to shoot Harry a number of times, it's ironic that I'm actually even talking about working with him," Janine said after their succulent Chinese reward meal. 

Working with Harry could come at a high price and she could be in line for the next blindside -- maybe?

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If the Godmother retains power though, she will stamp out Dirty Harry because she knows he's a dangerous presence and an enemy who's biding his time.

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Daisy managed to find a hidden immunity idol but instead of stuffing it down her pants, she badly wrapped it in her tee and held it right up for Luke and Pia to spot. The string was even poking out! The "worst kept secret" let Luke and the Champs execute a flawless tribal plan, flush the idol and vote John out.

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