'I Would Have Loved To Get Him': The Truth Behind Shaun And David's 'Survivor' Rivalry

It's been one of the most compelling rivalries in 'Australian Survivor' history -- the matchup between pretty boys Shaun Hampson and David Genat.

The competitiveness between the former AFL player and the model began the moment Shaun discovered that David had swapped him a fake idol and continued on as the pair hatched scheme after scheme to vote each other out.

Although Shaun explained that he wanted nothing more than to be the one to "push the button" on the pair's Cold War-esque rivalry and "cut the head off the snake", he was ultimately voted out first, becoming the inaugural member of the 'Survivor' jury this season.

Speaking to 10 daily after the tribe had spoken, we had to ask if it hurt just a little bit that Shaun had left before his arch-nemesis, David.

"Yeah, it did," he laughed. 

Photo: Network 10.

"I can respect big moves when they happen but I still wanted him out, I knew how good he was at the game and how dangerous he was," he said. 

Although the all-around nice guy explained that there's actually no bad blood between the pair and that the rivalry emerged from a deep respect of one another's 'Survivor' tactics.

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"It was never anything personal, you can hype it up but it was a good move at the end of the day," he said of his elimination. 

"I would have loved to get him, but he’s playing an amazing game. I think we’ve got nothing for respect for each other," he said.  

Photo: Network 10.

Shaun even explained that although he and David were constantly plotting each other's exits -- they actually got along very well back at camp.

"In that tribal where I voted for him and almost got him out and he played his idol, we got back to camp and we sort of slapped hands and were like, ‘That was fun!’. 

"And we were like, ‘Well, we both had a good go at each other and missed but it was good fun’. We never ever took anything personally. And then that night we were talking about places in New York where I could go next time I was there, there was never anything personal," he laughed. 

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Shaun told 10 daily that he could feel that the numbers were against him, with his only regret that he narrowly missed out on the immunity idol in a dramatic competition that saw the members of Soli Bula fighting for breath as the ocean lapped at their faces.

"I had nothing left," Shaun said of the physically gruelling challenge that David eventually won. 

"I was choking on water by the end of it, I couldn’t get my last breath in. So I had to come up and narrowly missed out. It was really disappointing," he said. 

Photo: Network 10.

His only other major regret was not putting in more face time with 'Godmother' Janine -- or should we say 'The Perfumed Scorpion'.

"We got along really well when we were together on the new Contenders tribe for a bit and then I got swapped over," he said. 

"And then since merge we didn’t really chat and that’s one thing I wish I’d really worked harder on. She was really keen to bring myself and maybe Daisy [into an alliance] with her, Pia and Abbey," Shaun added. 

But after weeks with little food and minimal shelter from the elements, the former AFL player said it was hard to muster the energy to even work on potential alliances.

"At that stage of the game, you’re just exhausted. Any time you get up, you’re getting head spins, your blood pressure is way down, my heart rate was like 45 resting, you have no energy."

"But you have to find a way to get up out of the shelter, grab people to chat with, I don’t think I worked hard enough in those last couple of days," he said. 

Shaun has now become the first member of the jury -- a bittersweet position for the 'Survivor' superfan.

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While being a jury member means having a final say in who gets to be sole 'Survivor', it also means two or three more weeks away from family, with minimal phone calls and no internet access.

"It was a bit of a strange one because I’m thinking to myself, ‘Man, if I just went to tribal before I could be home with my family now instead of having to spend two and a half or three weeks in Jury Villa’. 

"That was really hard but in the end, I’d given up a lot to be out there, like everyone else has. Work stuff with my business, [partner] Megan [Gale] was launching her new business that she’d been working for years on and I was away for my son’s birthday, heaps! 

"But to think that I could get so far but not have a say in the final outcome would have been a really hard pill to swallow," Shaun explained. 

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