'I Got Massively Blindsided': How David Left 'Survivor' With An Idol In Hand

Model David Genat went into his last tribal council without a care in the world, confident that he and close ally Luke Toki were "bullet proof".

"I am the strategic mastermind out here," David explained on what was to be his last day on the island. 

"I've got a team of loyal soldiers backing me all the way and I'm calling the shots," he said, adding that his hidden immunity idol meant he was in control of his fate.

But it was Dave's overconfidence in his gameplay that saw Pia, Janine and Abbey orchestrate his downfall, convincing him that it was Daisy whose head was on the chopping block. 

"I got massively blindsided," Dave laughed to 10 daily following his elimination, adding that the surprise strategy was "so big, it's slightly embarrassing".

The moment you realise you've been blindsided. Photo: Network 10.

But as a true fan of 'Survivor',  Dave explained that experiencing a blindside was actually a proud moment for him.

"I’m really happy that I went like that, to be honest. If you’re not going to win, to be blindsided is almost a badge of honour. 

"It shows that you’re the kind of player that you can’t get out any other way," he told 10 daily. 

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The "bullet-proof" alliance has fallen. Photo: Network 10.

The self-professed Golden God of the game had forged an airtight bond with People's Champion, Luke and the pair worked hard to make it look like they had no allegiance to each other.

"I thought it they were going to blindside him they’d for sure say something to me and vice versa," he said of the old Champions alliance. 

"It kind of gave me this weird comfort pocket thinking that I’d done such a good job in confusing people about our relationship," David explained. 

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He was also massively comforted by Pia's superb acting skills with the undercover social player erupting in some Oscar-worthy belly laughs to put Dave's mind at ease.

We demand someone gives Pia a Logie. Photo: Network 10.

He explained that he was thinking two or three moves ahead, knowing he'd really need the idol at the "seventh or eighth tribal" after merge.

"I just kind of got so caught up in the details of my next move that I wasn’t looking at what was happening with the current tribal council," he admitted. '

The only saving grace was that he made it one day further into the competition than his arch-rival, former AFL player Shaun Hampson.

"It felt great to go after Shaun, it felt great to win that one, for sure," he told 10 daily. 

Photo: Network 10.

Although the pair's big rivalry melted away as they became the first two members of the jury, spending their days holed up in a hotel talking shop.

"With Shaun, once we were out of the game, we were the best of friends, I really, really respect the guy and we had some great time in Jury Villa talking about the game," David said. 

"We had a guitar there and I play and Shaun plays so we played a bit of guitar, we swam, we did some kayaking, we did some running -- trying to get back into exercise.

"And we did a stack of eating, like an obscene amount of eating," David said. 

"I think the first thing I got was steak and fries which was my request. The Jury feast is disgusting -- please don’t judge me, I was very, very hungry."

Only fitting for a game well played, Dave!

Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders' airs Sunday - Tuesday at 7.30pm, only on 10, 10 Play and WIN Network.