The Five Most Hilarious 'Gogglebox' Reactions To 'The Bachelor' Feud

Once again, all our Gogglebox faves brought the LOLs as they tuned in to the latest in television.

In Thursday night's episode, the Goggleboxers tuned in to watch 'The Bachelor'. More specifically, it was the explosive episode in which Abbie famously informed Bachie Matt that fellow contestant Monique had referred to him as a, erm, "dog c***".

Of course, this lead to a whole lot of hilarious reactions and commentary from our Gogglebox stars -- check out the best moments below:

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Keith: "He's gotta test ride them, doesn't he? I mean... test try..."

As tension grew between the girls on the set of 'The Bachelor' following Abbie's pash-a-thon with Matt Agnew, most of our Goggleboxers agreed that it was fair game for the Bach to kiss as many girls as he wants, seeing as it's, you know, 'The Bachelor'!

Keith, however, put his foot in his mouth after declaring to Lee, "That's what he's there for! He's gotta test ride them doesn't he?" before his wife shot him a very disapproving glare.

"Try! Not ride! Test-TRY" Keith quickly added.

Matt Dalton: "What is he, Columbo or something?!"

As Bachie Matt put on his detective hat while he questioned the girls following Abbie's revelation, our Gogglebox families got excited for all the drama to kick-off in the mansion.

Dalton family patriarch Matt, however, was instead focused on the Bachelor's investigative approach to the juicy sitch, likening the astrophysicist to TV detective Columbo.

Jad: "Bro, she looks like she sucked a vampire off."

As Rachael suddenly entered the cocktail party drama, everyone was far more concerned about the Bachelor contestant's choice of colour for her extremely plump lips, with Jad giving a very graphic depiction of what he thought she looked like.

Meanwhile, Matt Dalton added, "She looks like she's eaten watermelon!"

"This is like... dating 'Survivor'!"

Challenges, evictions, drama, and host with fabulous hair? Tim definitely wasn't wrong when he told sister Leanne that 'The Bachelor' is basically a dating version of 'Survivor'!

Symon: "I don't [want drama]! I just want Matt and Elly to be happy!"

Following the shocking rose ceremony in which Matt chose to keep Monique over Julia -- despite what Mon allegedly said about him -- some commented that it was essential to keep the drama going.

Symon, however, declared that he didn't want any more drama, because like pretty much everyone else who's been watching this season of 'The Bachelor' Symon's firm favourite to win Bachie Matt's heart was bubbly country girl, Elly, and he "just wants them to be happy".

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