Saturday Night Rove: A Look Back On Rove Live's Most Memorable Moments

Ahead of the premiere of Rove McManus' new show 'Saturday Night Rove,' we take a walk down memory lane at all the best moments from the funnyman's former series 'Rove Live'.

Airing from 1999-2009, 'Rove Live' was responsible for bringing segments like "What the...?" and "Flick Your Switch" while bringing us names like Carrie Bickmore, Dave Hughes and Peter Helliar.

Now, Rove and his mates are back to take over our TV screens with the hilarious 'Saturday Night Rove', which will see the host and his pals Alex Lee, Alex Jae and Justin Hamilton for a whole lot of hijinks every Saturday night.

Viewers were given a taste of the six-episode series during last year's Pilot Week, where saw Trial By Kyle, Taboo, Saturday Night Rove and Kinne Tonight were commissioned into a full series from a lineup that included Skit Happens, Disgrace, Drunk History and Dave.

"I’m very excited to be kicking things off on Saturday. After such an overwhelming response to our pilot last year and the support for our official announcement, I truly am feeling the love in the room as we head into our first episode” Rove said, adding, “I can’t wait to let go of the reins and get going.”

Until then, join us as we reminisce on these iconic throwback moments from 'Rove Live'.

When Lady Gaga Performed "Just Dance"

Yep - it happened! Back when she was just an emerging artist and long before she won an Oscar, Grammy, BAFTA and Golden Globe within a single year, Lady Gaga was tearing up the set of 'Rove' in 2008 as she performed her breakout hit "Just Dance".

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When Steve Irwin Taught Rove How To Wrestle A Croc

Good old Steve! Back in 2002, just five years before his tragic death from a fatal stingray barb to the heart, the Aussie icon and conversationalist took on the challenge of teaching Rove how to wrestle a crocodile. Well, an inflatable one anyway.

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When He Performed A 'Bold And The Beautiful' Style Scene With Ronn Moss

In this particular soap scene that took place in 2002, Ron Moss joined Rove as his famous 'Bold and the Beautiful' character, Ridge, while Rove played his love interest, 'Rovina'.

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Every segment of 'What the...?'

From murderous butchers, to capsicums with body parts and questionable nursery rhymes, the hilarious segment never failed to have us in stitches and while screaming "what the?!" at our television screens.

When Matt Damon Stole Rove's Logie

In light of his role in 'The Bourne Identity' in 2002, Rove asked the actor to demonstrate a move he learned during assassin summer school to training for the role of Jason Bourne -- using his Logie. After successfully extracting the award from Rove's hands, Matt jokingly gave an acceptance speech, saying it was "great to be in Melbourne".

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Saturday Night Rove premieres on Saturday, August 24 at 7:30 pm on 10 and 10 play

Image: 10