'I Was Disappointed': What You Didn't See Happen On Kristen's Date With Matt

She first graced our screens on 'The Bachelor' as "the girl who loves China", but as we saw on Thursday's date with Matt Agnew, there's a lot more to Kristen Czyszek.

After finally landing some one-on-one time with the Bach, it was clear that there were sparks (and exfoliation scrubs) flying between the pair throughout their innuendo-laden date.

In fact, throughout our interviews with girls who have exited the Bachelor mansion, many have dubbed Kristen the "dark horse" of the series, saying they believe she has a major chance of nabbing the astrophysicist's heart. 

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As a new, wickedly cheeky side to Kristen unfolded during Thursday's episode, viewers took to social media to praise the 24-year-old, and she's fast becoming the new fan favourite.

"I was definitely cringing watching that back, thank gosh the things I say trying to be flirtatious aren’t usually filmed and shared with Australia!" she told 10 daily.

"Being playful is a part of who I am and I think it’s important not to take everything so seriously, so yes I’m glad viewers got to see my cheeky side".

Like most of us, Kristen thought the whole rubbing-scrub-all-over-their-bodies part of the date was a bit odd, though she told 10 daily she "couldn’t stop laughing and smiling" the whole time.

"What was it like watching Matt and I rub chocolate scrub onto each other while bathing him in a bucket? I’m with Australia when I say 'WHAT IS HAPPENING'" she told 10 daily, adding, "As weird as it was to watch, I had so much fun with him that day!"

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And while we watched the super-cute pair race kayaks and... sit in buckets... Kirsten explained that there was actually a lot more to the date that viewers didn't get to witness.

"I was surprised because there was quite a lot you didn’t see," she said.

"We spent a long time in the water and a lot of that was kissing. And as much as I love that it looked like I made the first move, Matt actually kissed me first! I was way too nervous for that kind of confidence."

She continued, "After our ‘chocolate bath 2.0’ we had a wine and a cheese platter, where we both opened up and shared stories about our lives, what we love and what we are looking for. This was the most vulnerable time but also the most special".

"I was disappointed you couldn’t see that," she added.

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Following what Kristen described as an "amazing" date with Matt, she explained that due to the nature of the show, she "developed feelings quite quickly".

"The Bachelor experience is so unique where you are getting to know someone in a matter of hours, but it’s very real. You do develop strong feelings in a short period of time and it’s terrifying."

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