Sarah Harris Breaks Down After Heartbreaking Interview

"I don't cry very often these days, I sobbed all the way back home in the car," Sarah Harris said as she began crying. 

Harris had attended George Pell's appeal hearing the day before when she interviewed David Mulholland outside the court.

Mulholland shared his horrific story of abuse as a child after the verdict was read out.

He spoke of what was done to him, and how child abuse had killed his brother and sister, who shot themselves in a rubbish tip.

He spoke of being sodomised and beaten with a cord.

"Child sexual abuse is like a cancer... it has killed my brother and sister," he said.

"We were never loved."

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As a clip of the interview was replayed, Sarah found it difficult to express her feelings and spoke of the need for the disgraced Cardinal to put an end to the suffering of child abuse sufferers like Mulholland.

"This really crystalised things for me," she said.

"If George Pell was any sort of man he would let this go, he has the chance to right so many wrongs.

"He has played such a large part over the years in destroying so many lives."

Fellow panelist Kerri-Anne Kennerley also spoke at the horror of Mulholland's story.

"Beaten... sodomised, moved around, had his face buried in his urine-soaked mattress, the destruction of this man's life, who was still almost like a child, sexual abuse he has clearly done it so hard and had to live all this," Kennerley said.

Harris said people tend to turn away from 'these types of stories' but implored people to 'turn towards them'.

"This isn't a  lone story," she said.

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