The Bachelor Australia 2019: Nikki's Best Moments

From the moment she shimmied in the 'The Bachelor' mansion dressed as a cheerleader, we knew we would be loving bubbly contestant Nikki Ferris.

Providing us with non-stop zingers throughout her time on 'The Bachelor', in Wednesday's episode we were shown a softer side to 24-year-old -- which only had viewers loving her more.

In an emotional moment prior to receiving a rose, the usually bubbly brunette dropped her guard as she divulged to the rest of the girls that she was "terrified" of not receiving a rose, choking up as she explained that she couldn't believe "that this person might actually like me".

Along with being our dear, sweet, angel baby who must be protected at all costs, we've officially dubbed Nikki as the most Giffable gal of the season, thanks to her infectious smile, boundless energy and priceless reactions to, well, everything!

Check out some of our favourite moments from Cheerleader Nikki below.

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"Bonjour b*tches!"

Making quite the entrance into the Bachelor mansion, Nikki made an impact on everyone with her high-energy cheerleading routine and personalised song created just for Bachie Matt.

"She's more full of sh*t than someone with lactose intolerance"

In Wednesday's episode, the girls were convinced Abbie had tailored her response to Matt's questions based on what he wants to hear. While others threw around words like "fake" and "compulsive liar", Nikki came up with a far more graphic (and hilarious) turn of phrase to describe the sitch.

"Just take a deep breath and let it flow… Like a good wee!"

With Nikki anxious that she wouldn't receive a rose at Wednesday's cocktail party, the (equally hilarious) Mary attempted to soothe her nerves, telling her to "just take a deep breath and let it flow," to which Nikki replied, "like a good wee!"

"It’s like plucking eyelashes trying to get time with Matt"

This was another incredibly graphic phrase brought to you by our favourite chicken-nugget lover -- this time describing the stress of trying to get time with Bachie Matt in order to receive a rose by the end of the cocktail party. All we can say is... ouch!

"I want to be with someone who's fun, who's my best friend... And someone you can have pretty good sex with"

Nikki didn't hold back when it came to telling Matt what she's looking for in a partner, and while Matt may have been briefly shocked at her unscrupulous honesty, everyone on social media was here for Nikki's lack of filter.

Oh Nikki, never change!

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