The Bachelor Australia 2019: Bye, Bye Brianna: 'I Wasn't Invested At All'

She flew under the radar amid the drama within the Bachelor mansion, but according to the latest evictee Brianna, that suited her just fine.

As we edge closer to having our final ten girls in the battle to win Matt's heart, competition is undoubtedly getting fierce -- and in Wednesday's episode, we bid farewell to 24-year-old Brianna from WA.

With so many battles, beef and big personalities this year, it's easy to see why peace-keeper Bree was keen to lay low and stay drama-free throughout her 'Bachelor' journey.

"I was that one where everyone was like, ‘Why are you still here? You barely speak!’ and I was like, ‘I don’t know!’" Brianna told 10 daily. "I wasn’t really involved in any drama. I ate a lot of food, played a lot of games and watched a lot of TV," she laughed.

In Wednesday's episode, we saw the girls having to rank themselves based on personality traits, something Brianna said she found difficult to do.

"It was horrible being in that situation," she explained. "It’s seriously super hard to rank yourself let alone say you’re better than other people!"

One contestant who didn't seem to have trouble with that task -- much to the chagrin of her fellow contestants -- was Abbie, but while the others were very willing to take aim at their competition, Brianna remained diplomatic in her feelings towards one of the season's biggest threats, despite Abbie being picked over her in the challenge.

"I was always fine with Abbie. She’s very good with her words and very good at making a point, so for her to win wasn’t really a surprise," she said, adding, "She also already had a connection with Matt, and she’s very emotive."

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In regards to Sogand's claim that it was Abbie's fault Brianna left the mansion, Brianna disagreed.

"I don’t think it was her fault at all. I think even if Abbie didn’t say anything to him, he obviously had a connection with her, he would have chosen Abbie," she diplomatically explained.

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And while, at this point in the game, other contestants would be a sobbing mess if they were sent home by Bachie Matt, for Bree, it was water off a duck's back.

"Even after the chat with Matt, I was fine, I didn’t have any feelings. I didn’t mind going home, I wasn’t invested at all. I was more like, ‘I don’t know if I like him’," she said, adding that she only spoke to Matt when she first entered the mansion and during her last night.

"Otherwise it was just a few sentences here and there in the group dates but I never really spoke to him in a cocktail party."

"I just felt like I knew I was going to go that night. There weren’t that many girls left and most had a connection with him or had spent a lot more time with him," she said.

And as for who she believes will win Matt's heart?

"I think it’s between two," she said. "I’m going to say between Chelsie and Elly. I just think that they tick all the boxes. I think now seeing the episodes and Matt’s reactions, that’s just my personal thoughts!"

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