Andy Leaves 'Survivor' Right After Merge, But Not Without Dropping An Explosive 'Secret' At Tribal

Self-confessed 'Survivor' superfan Andy Meldrum made it all the way to merge, only to get unanimously voted out in a fiery edition of tribal council.

Andy had even proudly named the new tribe 'Soli Bula', telling everyone that, in Fiji, the phrase meant "to welcome together" before excitedly explaining in an interview later that it had a much more sinister meaning.

"That’s not what Soli Bula means," he exclaimed with glee, adding that REALLY it means "sacrifice". 

"It’s a little dark but I think it’s fitting," he smirked. 


What was really fitting was that the phrase was soon to describe Andy's own exit from the competition, when literally everyone, old Champions and Contenders alike, decided that they wanted him gone.

“He‘s a total worm, Andy, a total worm,” said international model David, who hasn't been impressed by Andy's attempts at double-crossing for a while now. 

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Speaking to 10 daily after his elimination, Andy explained how things all fell apart for him following the merge of the two former tribes and how he ended up on the chopping block.

"Things happened very quickly after the merge!" Andy said. 

"Once the former Champions made it through with their original alliance intact, I had a feeling that things were going to be difficult for the Contenders," he told 10 daily. 

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He explained that he knew his former Contender tribe mates Shaun and Daisy would have been targeted first by the old Champions, but that all changed after the pair got their hands on immunity idols.

"Everyone at that point knew that I was playing hard, and that I might also be a threat to win certain types of individual immunity challenges.

"Certainly, if I were in their shoes I would have voted me out!" he explained. 

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Luke and David's plan to oust Andy was to go according to plan, but not before Luke shone the spotlight on what the "snake" had been up to, including his attempts to snuff out Daisy's torch on more than one occasion.

It wasn't until Andy had accepted defeat and was walking away from tribal that he decided to launch a couple of truth bombs into the fray.

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"Dais, I may have cast a vote or two for you, and Dave has an idol," he grinned.

It was Andy's parting gift to the remaining members of Soli Bula, with Dave's face very quickly turning from a toothy smile to a concerned grimace.

The kicker? He didn't even know whether his information was true or not!

It was also something that Andy, being a diehard 'Survivor' fan clearly took great pleasure in -- even though his knowledge of the game ultimately didn't serve him past the point of merge.

He told 10 daily that while knowing the history of the show helped with "pre-game preparation" and knowing "what to expect in terms of how the game might play out", his studiousness of the show also worked against him.

The fact that I didn’t tell people probably meant that I missed an opportunity to better bond with some of the other big fans out on the island. For example, Shaun is also a huge fan (something he also kept somewhat hidden), and we both realised afterwards that it was something we could have nerded out over!

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Andy, who was shown practising 'Survivor' skills in his garden proved to be a useful tribe member when it came to challenges, particularly when it came to puzzles and throwing objects at targets. He also wasn't afraid to conveniently forget some of those skills, telling Shaun that he'd be happy to throw an immunity challenge.

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He told 10 daily that competing in challenges was ultimately the highlight of his experience.

"The adrenaline rush of competing for your tribe’s life in the game is quite extraordinary. The fact that, as a tribe of Contenders, we were competing against so many of our sporting heroes made it even more of a thrill," he said. 

As for who Andy is hoping takes out the title of 'Australian Survivor' this year, he said his money is on a former Contender tribe mate.

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"In my heart, I would love to see fellow Brisbane/Melbourne boy Shaun take it down," he told 10 daily. 

"He’s a big fan of the show and just a fantastic guy," he said. 

"But my head says that the Contenders were going to be in trouble once we lost our numbers advantage coming into the merge. So, unfortunately, the smart money is probably on another Champion taking it down this year."

Anything can happen!

Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders' airs Sunday - Tuesday at 7.30pm, only on 10, 10 Play and WIN Network.