Who's Safe, Who's Not?: The 'Survivor' Sharks Are Circling After Merge

Welcome to another round of 'Who's Safe, Who's Not?' where we examine who's on the chopping block and who's wielding the axe on 'Australian Survivor'.

This week's journey saw the Contenders get rid of wrestler Matt after Dirty Harry produced an idol. Next, everyone's fave Ross bowed out after a dramatic ankle injury, and 'Survivor' superfan Andy got unanimously voted out after the big merge.

Andy's parting gift was his name of the new tribe -- Soli Bula -- which he promised meant 'to welcome together' but cackled as he revealed later in an interview that it really meant 'sacrifice' in the local Fijian language.

"Andy actually planned to name the tribe at merge," David sighed. 

"Like, who does that?"

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After Andy's departure from Fiji, there's a clear, uneven split between the former Champions and Contenders at 7-6.

The question is, how long will old alliances hold and how much longer will we have to wait until somebody inevitably gets blindsided?

Luke And David
Photo: Network 10.

Although David is in possession of a hidden immunity idol, his cover was blown by "worm" Andy at the tail end of the last tribal. While that will definitely make David an attractive target -- especially with secret shark Pia revealing she already had the model in her crosshairs -- we just think he's too damn good at the game.

He's got creep-master Luke in his corner and the pair managed to survive their entire stay over at the Contenders' camp, despite being very much outnumbered.

We could be wrong, but this duo is always one step ahead.

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Janine And Pia

Harry christened Janine 'The Godmother' but she's since announced she prefers to be called 'The Perfumed Scorpion' -- a creature that knows exactly when to use its dangerous pincers.

But while the Boost Queen has long been viewed as a dangerous opponent -- because she's good at meetings and deals, supposedly -- her mate Pia is emerging as a major threat with her cunning social game.

She's not a "sweet little actress" insisted Janine, she's SICILIAN.

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Dirty Harry

He's the cockroach that survived not one but two bug bombs aimed to kick him out of the camp so Janine figured she might as well recruit Harry seeing as he'll probably keep finding hidden immunity idols and smugly call her 'The Godmother' which she HATES because she's a scorpion that smells good, okay?

Photo: Network 10.
On The Bubble

It's all a bit uncertain after merge but these castaways are neither in grave danger nor totally safe.

Photo: Network 10.

The AFLW player isn't as cutthroat as her supposed alliance members Janine and Pia and she wasn't present for their little meeting around the well when they promised to have each other's backs.

There could come a time soon when Harry is more useful than the player who jumped ship from the old Sporting Alliance minutes after chatting with David.

We also barely heard a peep out of Abbey during the merge episode and, in 'Survivor' if you're not leading the hunt, you're eventually the hunted.

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Remember when Simon was just a tribal away from getting voted out before the big swap? Well, the AFL nice guy could be back in the firing line despite being part of the de-facto Champions alliance. He's not really tight with anyone from his old tribe and Abbey is the last actual sports Champ person left (Shaun doesn't count!).

Photo: Network 10.
Photo: Network 10.

We don't actually think the Puzzle Beast will get sent home next week because he's proven his worth and is a useful ally to more outwardly powerful players. However, he might have to cosy up to some Champs post-merge because his old alliance is on shaky ground.

At the same time, Baden caved pretty early on in the immunity challenge, so if he's not worried then we can only admire his confidence.

Photo: Network 10.

Our Mexican Parmy-loving Mullet Man is a strong performer in challenges and hasn't ever had his name written down at tribal. Having said that, he's not playing a super slick game at the moment and is ripe for a blindside if he doesn't make some shady deals or begin a proper effort to find a hidden immunity idol.

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Not Safe
Photo: Network 10.
Daisy And Shaun

Daisy was forced to play her idol, even though it was just Andy who had written her name down at tribal.

Her power couple alliance with Shaun is strong but David and Luke have been pretty clear about wanting to get the pair out ASAP.

While Daisy won the first individual reward challenge and Shaun got the first individual immunity idol, they won't be able to rely on their physical strength to pull them through every week.

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