The Real Reason Ross Was So Obsessed With Socks On 'Survivor'

"Can I have your socks?" was almost Ross Clarke-Jones' catchphrase during his time on 'Australian Survivor'.

On more than one occasion, Ross verbalised his desire for a few more socks to keep his feet warm, with the big wave surfer even eyeing off Dirty Harry's feet as he slept.

"Have you got your eye on his socks?" Janine asked Ross as he leant down into the Contenders shelter. 

"I’ll just measure them," he promised. 

Sock envy. Photo: Network 10.

It was often difficult to gauge the wildcard contestant's real motives and dedication to alliances because he was CONSTANTLY talking about socks.

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As Harry tried to ask Ross who was on the chopping block at tribal council one night, he replied with his bizarre non sequitur.

"Can I have your socks?"

The sentence was interpreted by some as a power move, with Ross seemingly insinuating that yes, Harry was in trouble. But others weren't so sure, guessing that he could just really love socks.

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On another occasion, Rossco was almost swayed by Harry's last-ditch attempt at tribal to vote either Janine, Pia or Abbey out after he was offered all the socks in his 'Survivor' wardrobe but ultimately avoided temptation and wrote Matt's name down.

Mmmm socks. Photo: Network 10.

So, we at 10 daily decided to try and get to the bottom of this sock saga and ask a few experts about Ross' fondness for the footwear items.

"I don’t know what it was but it does get really cold and Ross was constantly in the water," eliminated Contender Matt Farelly told 10 daily. 

"All his clothes are just wet 24/7, he’s like a child. They’d fall in the fire. He just wanted Harry’s socks to keep himself warm," he laughed. 

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He added that requesting socks was his way of "trying to get an alliance", with Matt saying Ross thought he might keep Harry around if he could get his hands on his socks.

"It turned out it wasn’t a strong sock alliance," said Matt. 

Photo: Network 10.

International model David Genat had a similar response about the socks, explaining that Ross really is "like a big kid".

"He burnt a pair, he would lose stuff. One time he lost a flip-flop out to sea!"he laughed.

"So he was having a lot of trouble keeping track of his stuff and your feet get really cold at night so socks become a really integral part [of the game]."

Photo: Network 10.

Which may all be well and true, but after we spoke to the man himself, Ross came up with a bit of a different response -- it's because he hates to lie!

"My whole strategy was, I don’t want to lie, but if I have to, I’ll just avoid the truth," he told 10 daily. 

"I didn’t lie to anyone, I’d just say, ‘Oh I need socks.'"

"And that was the truth! In other words, ‘You’re getting voted out.'"

And after Ross' shock exit following a devastating ankle injury, we're really going to miss all these conversations about socks.

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