The Bachelor Australia 2019: The Heartfelt Meaning Behind Vakoo's Tattoos

Vakoo showed off her various tattoos to 10 daily while explaining the heartfelt meaning behind each of them.

"So I have three tattoos," the bubbly Bachelor fan favourite explained to 10 daily while visiting our offices.

"So the one here says ‘Love Yourself First’," she said, pointing to the dainty black script sitting below her left collarbone.

"It's done backwards so that when I look in the mirror, it’s the right way around because otherwise, I’d be getting it done for other people instead of myself," she explained.

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"I have another tattoo on my side boob: ‘Patience’. So meaningful! I’m such a deep person," she laughed.

However, Vakoo revealed that it's her first tattoo that's the one that holds the most meaning to her.

"The one on my arm says ‘Never Failure, Always A Lesson’ -- that one was my first one," she said, showing off the fine line ink.

"I was at a really low point in my life and I was just like, ‘I don’t understand my purpose, everything’s going to wrong'. I wasn’t working, and it’s just my mum and I here so sometimes it gets really lonely," she said, referring to the fact that she relocated to Australia at 15 from Manchester with her Namibian-born mother.

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"Everything was just going to sh*t and I thought, ‘You know what? What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and all this stuff is building me up to be the woman I was meant to be,’" she said.

"I just overcame that stuff. It’s a good reminder of what I’ve been through. If I could get through that, then I’m a boss bitch!"

That she certainly is!

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Image: 10