Monique Speaks Out On 'Bachelor' Booting: 'I'd Rather Look Like A D**khead Than Lie'

She was the centre of the drama during this week's episodes of 'The Bachelor', and now, Monique Morley is dishing the details on what went on during THAT cocktail party clash.

'The Bachelor's last couple of cocktail parties have been the most explosive we've ever seen, culminating in Abbie telling Matt that Monique had called him a "dog c***" and a "disrespectful pig", which eventually lead to the Bachelor booting Mon from the mansion before the rose ceremony.

"It's funny, I actually did Abbie's hair for that date. I spent like 45 minutes braiding her hair, so I'm glad it looked nice while I was getting thrown under the bus!" Monique joked to 10 daily.

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"I was actually the first person who spoke to her afterwards saying, 'How was your date?' and 'I'm so glad you had time with him because he's lovely!' so that was confusing," she continued.

"When I found out that all that drama was happening, it didn't surprise me because I generally avoided her in the house because of all the sh*t she would cause -- she was always creating a storm in a teacup and it was so frustrating to be around."

As the tension between Matt, Mon and Abbie hit fever pitch in the most recent episode, Matt grilled the blonde bombshell about whether or not she had said what Abbie was saying behind his back.

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"Matt pulled me aside at the cocktail party and was like, 'You obviously don't care about me, if you did, you would have talked to me about it'," she explained.

"It kept going on and on -- I think he wanted me to say, 'Oh, I'm really sorry for saying this!', but I wasn't gonna sit there and lie to him if I don't remember saying it," she said.

"I just wasn't giving him what he wanted, and he didn't like that, but I'd rather look like a d**khead on TV than lie to him just so I could stay longer.'"

She continued, "Yeah I swear, but it's always a joke, I even said to him, 'You said c*** to me on our date, and it was a joke!'. But he kept accusing me of lying and eventually said he couldn't trust me, so that was it".

As for her tumultuous relationship with Abbie, Mon revealed she actually reached out to her after the show to offer advice on coping with trolls on social media that come with the territory of being on reality television.

"I messaged her saying, 'Despite all the sh*t that's happened on the show, I've been through a lot of mental health stuff in general, and obviously we are all going to be dealing with trolls and all that, so if you need advice or tips I'm happy to help,'" she said.

"But watching back the show, I just don't like her."

As for whether she has any regrets about her time in the Bach mansion, she mused, "No, I don't regret anything.  I probably should have been more mindful that some people don't take my humour as I do and that some might take offence or get jealous".

Asked whether she's been in touch with Bachie Matt since wrapping up her time on the show, Mon revealed there's no love lost between the formerly friendly pair.

"No, I haven't spoken to him," she said. "I think it'd be disrespectful to whoever wins, and also, quite frankly, I'm not interested in pursuing him".

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