The Bachelor Australia 2019: Vakoo's Tears Had Everyone Emotional

Landing her first single date of the season with Bachelor Matt, fans were ecstatic for Vakoo.

But their one-on-one time quickly fell apart when Vakoo, queen of the runway and of our hearts, couldn't shake the nervous giggles as she and Matt dined on wine and cheese.

Fans were divided over the date, with many rooting for the 23-year-old and hoping the bubbly model would "pull herself together". Others, however, couldn't help but cringe over the majorly awkward situation.

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It was only at the conclusion of the date when a roseless Vakoo tearfully told producers she didn't think that Matt was into her that viewers became collectively emotional over the usually upbeat contestant's vulnerable moment of sadness (DW girl, we've all been there!).

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Some blamed Vakoo's giggling for her not receiving a kiss or a rose...

Others thought Matt was being too patronising by insinuating Vakoo was too immature...

While some came up with the AMAZING idea that she and fellow ~queen~ Vanessa Sunshine should join forces to become an unstoppable reality TV duo...

But most had faith that our queen would find love in her own time...

It was the kiss of death for sweet Vakoo, who then failed to receive a rose in Thursday's ceremony.

Don't worry Vakoo, you'll always be our queen (along with Vanessa Sunshine, of course)!

The Bachelor Australia' Airs on Wednesdays And Thursdays At 7.30pm on 10, 10 play and WIN Network.

Images: Network 10