'The Bachelor' 2019 Astro Recap: Gemini Domination And A Dramatic Capricorn Exit

Welcome to our second astrological recap, where we try to make sense of LOVE using guidance from the planets.

You might remember that last week, Matt's attention was focused very heavily on his favourite Geminis -- Abbie and Sogand. While that trend has continued, he's added another to the mix after a successful date with Gem Chelsie.

We're going to try and unpack whether a Gemini is really the right match for Leo Matt and investigate whether his connection with Sagittarius Helena has potential.

Plus we're going to grab our magnifying glasses to see what went wrong with eliminated contestants Julia, Vakoo, and Monique. Was it a lack of chemistry, the dramatic blowup in the Bach mansion, or has this been written in the stars?

Let's dive in!

Matt And Helena
Photo: Network 10.

Helena (a Sagittarius) and Matt set out on a single date with a Broken Bay pearl farmer to reproduce their own pearl baby. Awww.

There was chemistry aplenty and they later snuggled up for a riverside picnic with Matt surprising her with a few gifts -- pearl earrings and a necklace. The sceptic in us got suspicious that Matt gave Helena the birthstone from the month of June, aka the month ruled supreme by GEMINIS (okay, and Cancer but let's ignore that for now).

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Helena scored a rose and a peck on the cheek with an awkward silence to follow as Matt didn't dive in for a pash.

Our prediction: Yes, Matt was distracted by the whole dog c*** drama and said he regretted not kissing Helena because his mind was elsewhere. But may we remind you that he's already knocked out THREE Sagittarius gals from the mansion (Georgie, Jessie, Sophie) so it might not actually be a match made in heaven.

Matt And Chelsie (Gemini) And Abbie(Gemini)

Matt said that he's "pretty serious about a girl when I start baking for her" as he shared a 'Ghost' baking moment with Chelsie. We've sensed a real astro pattern here with Chelsie being the third Gemini gal that Matt's clicked with (after Sogand and Abbie).

Leos and Gemini are a traditionally harmonious match with chatty Gems and exuberant Leos finding that the convo never goes stale.

On his date with Abbie, Matt explained that the flirting was "palpable" but perhaps he meant "pulp-able" as they squished citrus fruit with their bare feet to create some kind of lemon flavoured foot cocktail, we think.

We already knew they've got a steamy connection after their cocktail party pash last week but Abbie might have overplayed her hand, and killed the mood, by dobbing on Monique.

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It's the way of the Gemini, skilled at communication but undone by their inability to zip their goddamn lips.

Prediction: It's obvious Matt is attracted to Geminis but, at the moment, it seems like shy chemical engineer Chelsie is in the lead, Queen of the Gems and Matt's heart -- for now.

Julia (Cancer), Vakoo (Leo) And Monique (Capricorn)
Photo: Network 10.

They looked pretty as a wedding album picture as Vakoo won extra time with Matt dressed up in full bridal attire. But their cosy date failed to ignite any sparks between the pair of Leos. When Leos match up, it can be a clash of egos which could also explain why Matt hasn't connected much with the other lions of the mansion -- Nikki and Brianna.

Photo: Network 10.

We don't recall seeing much of Julia this week until the rose ceremony where her name wasn't called. She was narrowly beaten by Monique which seemed like a bit of a snub to poor children's entertainer Julia. Leos and Cancers are ruled respectively by the Sun and Moon so they're as different as day and night, according to AstroStyle.

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Ditto for Capricorns (Monique) and Leos who rub each other the wrong way for being pessimistic (Caps) and superficial (Leos).

Yes, Monique might have dropped the c-bomb and it was only because a Gemini dobbed her in that she got in trouble -- but we just don't think it was written in the stars that Monique and Matt ended up together anyway.

Prediction: These eliminations don't bode well for the other Capricorn (Kristen) and Cancers (Cass, Emma, Mary) in the Bach mansion. We don't make the rules, Matt just loves Geminis!

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