The Bachelor Australia 2019: Tonight's Ep Was Brought To You By The Letter 'C'

Yep, it's the moment you were all waiting for.

Did you ever think in your life you would witness the term "dog c***" used on Australian television? And did you ever think it would be on 'The Bachelor'?!  (Of course it was highly beeped and censored)

After weeks of teasing the explosive moment during the cocktail party, in which Abbie tells Matt that Monique had referred to him as a "disrespectful pig" and a "dog c***", viewers immediately went into meltdown over Twitter when that X-rated phrase was uttered by Abbie during a romantic one-on-one date in the Jacuzzi.

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Did you say "dog park"?

Whilst we can't show you the uncensored Tweets featuring the "c" bomb, we're pretty sure you already get the gist of it, so please enjoy the following reactions to possibly the most iconic moment on television, ever.

Yes, even more so than our former favourite Aussie reality TV phrase.

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Some were stoked to finally see what had been teased for so long...

Others were divided as to how scandalous the sitch was...

While the rest tried to decipher what exact phrase was bleeped...

But mostly, in true Aussie fashion, people found the whole mess hilarious.

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