The Bachelor Australia 2019: Julia Spills On Monique's X-Rated Comments About Matt: 'It Was A Joke'

It was one of the wildest cocktail parties we've witnessed on 'The Bachelor Australia', now, our latest eliminated contestant Julia has given us the goss on what exactly went down.

If your head is still spinning after that CRAZY episode of 'The Bachelor Australia', you're not alone.

While we've attempted to break down what exactly went down (read: a whole lot of "she said this/ I didn't say that"), there's no better person to explain the awkward stitch better than someone who witnessed it go down IRL.

Enter 'The Bachelor's' latest contestant to leave the mansion, Julia!

The children's entertainer arrived with the second batch of girls in episode two, where she had us all swooning over her ukelele performance for Bachelor Matt.

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Unfortunately, in Wednesday's nail-biting rose ceremony, it came down to Julia and Monique -- who had just been in hot water with Matt over her "dog c**t" comment -- but alas, Julia failed to receive a rose from Matt.

Fans were furious at the fact that Mon received a rose over Julia considering the events of the evening -- but lucky for us, it means we got to hear the inside goss about what exactly happened from someone who WASN'T in the middle of the whole messy drama...

"The party started out great as always -- Matt walks in, everyone's super happy," Julia told 10 daily.

"Then he wanted to have a chat to Monique and Abbie. And as he was speaking to Abbie, we're all looking on and it looked quite serious," she continued.

"After that, you could feel the mood completely shift".

As we witnessed, girls were then pulled away to talk with Matt one-by-one as he tried to uncover the truth about what Monique said.

"It went on for a REALLY long time," Julia recounted.

Basically, we eventually found out that Abbie had told Matt some things that Monique said something about him -- which I think was taken out of context.

She went on to say that after he spoke to a number of the girls -- much to the confusion to the rest of the group -- Monique, who Julia was close to, told her what Abbie had said to Matt.

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"Apparently it was a conversation by the girls were by the pool while everyone was tanning and just making jokes," Julia said.

"Some of us talk silly sometimes, like with accents and things like that. So I think the comment that Mon made was taken out of context -- because it was like a joke."

Julia added that she was "disappointed" over Abbie's choice to "go on the attack and make someone else feel bad".

"I think as women, we should always support each other, encourage each other and lift each other up," she concluded.

As for how she felt leaving over Mon, Julia isn't too fussed.

"Obviously it did suck, but he did have a date with her and spent time with her, and that's okay! I was still gauging if I was attracted to him or not as well. It was just one of those things, and you can't force chemistry if it's not there".

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