The Bachelor Australia 2019: Matt Agnew's Pash Tally

We'll be tallying up how often Matt gets his pash on throughout this season of 'The Bachelor'.

We love a pash bandit when it comes to 'The Bachelor', and so far, the sweet, smart and sexy Bachie Matt Agnew has exceeded our expectations when it comes to locking lips with the ladies this season -- and good on him, we say.

While Wednesday's episode showed Matt hesitating on kissing girls in case he was to be labelled a "dog c***" once again, if the show's super teaser is anything to go by, we'll be seeing A LOT more lip-locking as the competition becomes fierce, and honestly? We can't wait!


So without further ado, we bring you our official Bachelor pash tally!

Sogand: Episode 2

After wooing Matt by teaching him a phrase in Farsi, the Persian Princess landed the first date of the season, which kicked off with a helicopter ride over the South Coast. After a muy ~fancy~ date in the bush, as they were serenaded by an orchestra and dined on wine and cheese, Sogand landed the very first pash of the season.

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Elly: Episode 3

As tensions rose in the Bachelor mansion with the arrival of the "new girls," Golden Ticket recipient Elly was whisked off away from the drama to Matt's hometown of Melbourne.

Like a true Disney prince, Matt arrived to pick up Elly at Flemington Racecourse in a horse and carriage, where they checked out the sights before meeting racing legend, Gai Waterhouse. After a fun-filled day, the pair pashed over a cheese platter. Oh, they also had a sneaky hookup at the cocktail party later on!

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Monique: Episode 4

Things began heating up in a big way in just the fourth episode, with Mon landing an adrenaline-pumping one-on-one date after taking Matt on a treasure hunt around the mansion.

Once again, over a cheese platter (we're seeing a trend here) the pair locked lips -- but that wasn't the only lucky lady Matt got up close and personal with during this episode...

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Abbie: Episode 4 and 5

In what was probably one of the steamiest makeout sessions in Bach history, viewers at home could FEEL the sexual tension between Abbie and Matt during their TV Week photoshoot.

Matt, not being able to control his lust for curly-haired hottie Abbie any longer, invited her behind the orchards during the cocktail party for a whoooooole lot of pashing -- and the rest of the girls were NOT happy. The next episode, she landed another single date where they kissed again. Woot woo!

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Chelsie: Episode 6

Despite the dramas of the previous episode, it all seemed to be forgotten as chemical engineer Chelsie and Matt bonded over their shared love of all things nerdy. After sparks (and banana bread batter) flew during their date at Matt's bachelor pad, the pair washed off the results of their food fight in the pool -- where it soon lead to a saucy makeout sesh.

Emma: Episode 7

In one of this season's most swoon-worthy dates, Matt took Emma to sample an array of delicious-looking truffles and whatnot while blindfolded (kinky!). He then thoughtfully gifted her with a wood engraving of what she told him when they first met, before ending their adorably romantic date with a kiss. Aww!

Kristen: Episode 8

Taking a break from regaling us with tales about China, Kristen proved to viewers she's quite the frisky minx during her one on one date with Matt!

Kicking off with a kayaking session, the pair ended their date with chocolate bath 2.0, but instead of Richie and Alex's chocolate-laden makeout session, it's coffee scrub and a whooole lot of sexual innuendo.

Helena - Episode 8

While he gave her the heart-crushing kiss on the cheek during their one-on-one date previously, Matt decided to throw caution to the wind and finally get his pash on with blonde babe Helena during the cocktail party -- while smearing his face with a very subtle red lip colour in the process.

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