Australian Survivor 2019: Casey Wasn't Trying To Play Both Sides, Promise!

Chatting to 10 daily over the phone, Casey told us that getting tribe swapped with only Matty and Harry from the original Contenders tribe was "probably the worst thing that could've happened" for her game.

"I didn’t trust them at all, and then obviously I couldn’t trust the ex-Champions, either," Casey said.

Trying to find a way to move forward in the game, Casey said that she knew she "was gonna be on the bottom with Harry", so she was trying to align herself with the ex-Champions.

"I was truly interested in trying to partner with them to try and go with them to the end," Casey assured us, conceding that it "plays out as though [she was] playing the field".

The pertinent information that viewers missed, Casey said, was that Harry was considering giving Casey his idol after his big move during the tribe steal tribal council backfired.

"Harry said to me ‘oh, I’m pretty much done’, he was like ‘I’m not gonna survive, even if I play the idol, next time I’m out’," Casey said. "So I was trying to stay in with Harry to try and convince him to give me the idol, so that I could play on."

In hindsight, she said that this move may have "confused the ex-Champions" and ultimately led to to her demise in the game.

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After applying on a whim, Casey told us that she was "actually a stand-in contestant", so she only found out that she would be on the show "a few weeks before" going in.

Having not actually watched the show, ever, prior to applying, she said that she tried to watch as much as possible before heading to the jungle, but that she "thought it was mostly about living in the jungle with a few challenges involved".

She laughed as she recalled the realisation that "it's the other way 'round!"

Originally trying to "lay low in the beginning", Casey said that being "one of the weakest in physical challenges" meant that she spent a lot of time trying to "do enough so that [she] wasn't a target for that reason".

Despite being an "outspoken person", Casey said that she was "really fortunate" to find herself in a tribe with people where she "got along with everyone really well".

Looking back on her time, though, she said that she regrets "sitting out of so many challenges", hoping to prove herself in individual challenges after the merge.

"I was so concerned about being the person that lost challenges for people that it made a lot more sense to be the person who sat out," she explained. "I was looking forward to doing some challenges to see if I could prove to myself that I could do it. I had a lot of self-doubt as to whether I could do the challenges or not, that kind of stopped me from doing them, and that’ll probably be one of my biggest regrets."

With everything said and done, though, Casey said that she's rooting for Andy to take home the win.

"I know there’s a lot of people out there who don’t really like Andy," she began, "and I don’t know if it was part of his gameplay, but he was so great to me that he won my heart."

Calling him "an amazing strategic player", Casey said that regardless of whether it was gameplay or not, the pair "spent a lot of time" together and "had a lot of great conversations"

"I’d love to see him take out the title," she finished.

Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders' airs Sunday - Tuesday at 7.30pm, only on 10, 10 Play and WIN Network.

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