The Bachelor Australia 2019: Abbie Drops 'Dog C***' Bombshell

Things well and truly popped off in 'The Bachelor' mansion on Wednesday, after Abbie dropped a major bombshell to Matt.

Following their steamy makeout sesh during last week's cocktail party, Matt again invited Abbie on a single date -- but this time they swapped kissing behind a wall full of orchards for stomping on fruit to make some good ol' fashion foot fruit juice.

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In fact, Monique was apparently so angry over the astrophysicist pashing on with another girl right after her date, that Abbie told our Bach that she referred to him as a "dog c***" and "a disrespectful pig".

We had a chat to Abbie about the whole messy ordeal, which began after the rest of the girls found out that Abbie and Matt had kissed, despite Abbie insisting she wouldn't (and despite the fact that it's literally a dating show).

The girls were shocked over Abbie and Matt's cocktail party hookup. Image: 10

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"The day after I kissed matt at the cocktail party, everyone was sitting around the pool and was mad over the night before," Abbie told 10 daily.

"Then Monique called him a 'dog c***', and I was upset by that".

Matt was shocked to hear what had been said about him. Image: 10

After deliberating whether to inform Matt what was said about him, Abbie decided to drop the bombshell during the cocktail party, which, of course, lead to one helluva drama within the mansion. 

"Some girls think it wasn't my place to say, but if I were Matt I would have wanted to know -- he's such a nice guy," Abbie explained. "It broke my heart seeing his face when I told him -- those puppy dog eyes!"

"Matt was grateful that I told him, he knew the girls wouldn’t be happy about it, but I knew it was the right thing to do".

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Images: Network 10