The Bachelor Australia 2019: Breaking Down WTF Happened During The Cocktail Party Clash

We never thought we'd hear the term "dog c***" said so many times on TV.

Mary was literally all of us during Wednesday's episode of 'The Bachelor' when she declared "this is juicy s**t!" -- and no, she wasn't just talking about Abbie and Matt's citrus-stomping date early on in the episode.

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After the tension between Abbie and Monique hit fever pitch -- culminating in Abbie telling Matt that Mon had called him "a disrespectful pig" and ahem, "a dog c***" -- things well and truly went off the rails during the cocktail party.

Here's a somewhat brief summary of the whole drama:

  • Matt confronted Mon about calling him "a disrespectful pig" and "a dog c***". She denied it.
  • Matt brought in Abbie to join the madness. Abbie insisted Mon did call him a "dog c***". Mon is still like, "Naaahhh, I can't imagine me saying that??? ??? ?".

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Yeaaaaahhhh you did.
  • Matt then asked Rachael to confirm or deny the X-rated allegations, since she was there at the time of the supposed slandering of our Bachie's name. 
  • Rachael accidentally outs Mon as a liar, and is like, "Yeah she said it but it was a joke!!!!"
Take a joke, bro.

Meanwhile, the remaining gaggle of gals are outside thriving -- albeit a bit confused -- over the nights' juicy, drama-filled turn of events, with Elly confirming to the rest of the group that she and Emma also heard Mon say that Matt was a "dog c***".

Ladies, there seems to be drama afoot.

It's not long before each girl is trotted out to Matt like a string of show ponies in order to go give their versions of the story, which honestly just makes thing a whole lot messier since everyone is saying either:

  • Mon said it!!
  • Mon didn't say it...
  • Mon said it, but it was a joke!!!
Meanwhile, Matt's in confessional like...

Are you keeping track here???

Well if you are, prepare to be lost again, friends, because there's more to unpack...

She did... buttttt she didn't... but she did... but it was a joke!

Nichole, wasting absolutely no chance to take down her nemesis Mon, then tells Matt that Abbie's telling the truth -- but then kind of backtracks, saying she heard "it could have been a joke" so now she's "not sure if she heard it wrong".

Next up is Sogand, who says, yes Mon did say those things, and she definitely heard the "c-word" -- but that could just be because "that's how Rachael and Mon speak because they're very bogan, that's how they talk to each other", while Elly is adamant that "it didn't sound like a joke".

Matt then declares he's frustrated and pissed off, and honestly, same. This whole drama reminds us of high school Chinese whispers and now we need a stiff drink and a long nap.

We'll see you tomorrow when we've recovered from tonight's tiring yet deliciously juicy events!

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