Australian Survivor 2019: Benji Responds To David One-Upping His Nacho Eating

During Tuesday night's reward challenge, viewers were given flashbacks of the Great Nacho Incident of last year when David stuck his ENTIRE HEAD into a pile of floor popcorn.

Down on his luck after playing his idol at Monday night's tribal council, the Champions won the reward challenge of the day.

Attending a screening of videos from their loved ones, along with all the movie fixins your heart could desire, the Champs were instructed to go one-by-one, and sneaky Dave was sure their would be a hidden immunity idol -- or at least a clue -- to be found.

By a stroke of sheer luck,  David got to go first when Daisy suggested that all the parents of the tribe have first dibs, and the chaotic scene that followed had viewers everywhere confronted with memories from last year's Mexican food reward.

In case you've somehow managed to erase it from your mind, Contender Benji had everyone horrified and repulsed by the way he shovelled nachos into his face, crumbs falling back onto the communal plate everywhere as he barely lifted his head to chew.

In fact, when we asked Benji what his top tip for this year's contestants was, he replied "Dive into the nachos!" and it seems David took that tip to heart, shoving his entire head into a pile of popcorn, eating as though he was a pac-man character.

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Here's how the crowd was feeling, having to live through this horror, once again:

In fact, so many people were talking about it that someone created a poll, asking Twitter users to vote on who was worse.

Meanwhile, Benji's name started trending, which is what we call IMPACT.

Anyway, yes, Dave found an idol. Meanwhile, we reached out to Benji for an official response, because we're JOURNALISTS!!!

After watching the clip, Benji had this to say:

"Davie's lack of manners are disrespectful and I don't condone such gross behaviour on national TV."

We're screaming. Never change, Benji!

Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders' airs Sunday - Tuesday at 7.30pm, only on 10, 10 Play and WIN Network.

Feature image: 10