Australian Survivor 2019: Hannah Gives Us The Goss On The Original Contenders' Alliances

It was the OMG Tribal that saw two idols flushed as Luke and David went to war with Shaun, only to see Hannah voted out.

Chatting to 10 daily over the phone, Hannah said that "everything was so convoluted and intertwined" that she couldn't even explain to her husband how or why she found herself eliminated.

"I literally didn’t know what to expect," Hannah recalled. "My husband was like ‘how did you go out?’ and I was like ‘well, I can’t really talk about it, and also, I don’t really know!’ It basically imploded!"

Caught in the crossfire, Hannah said that the cramps that prompted her elimination were "played up", quipping, "oh, the only screentime I’m getting is the 20 minutes I had cramps in the whole 21 days!"

As the original Champions tribe were sent back to tribal council by the Contenders over, and over, and over again, viewers have found that they don't really know much about some of the original Contenders, because their alliances and stories weren't being shown.

Hannah assured us that while we may not have seen it, the Contenders were absolutely playing the game back on their beach, forming and busting up alliances like it was nobody's business.

"We had our own tribal council around the fire every night, basically!" she shared.

"It’s actually funny because if we had’ve gone to tribal one of those times, I definitely think I would’ve lasted a lot longer, because the alliances kept forming, ready for us to lose and go to tribal, and then we wouldn’t, and then those alliances would implode and break up," Hannah explained.

With tribal council being one of the most telling ways to find out where you stand in a tribe, Hannah said that things were "probably even worse" over on the Contenders beach, alliance-wise, "because [they] had that build up".

"No one really knew where they stood," she continued. "There were definitely different groups forming -- even when there didn’t need to be -- and then someone would snitch on someone else, some information would get leaked. There was a lot going on!"

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Obviously, we had to ask for specifics, and Hannah was more than happy to oblige.

"It surprised me that Daisy and Shaun didn’t get shown until recently," she said, telling us that their alliance actually began in the first few days of the game.

"Straight away we knew that we’d have to break them up because they were such a strong alliance," she said. "They were called the tribe husband and tribe wife! That’s how close they were from the first week, and we were all aware of it, and it was a big issue."

Other alliances included one between Casey, Harry and Sam, while Hannah had been with Sarah.

With Matt and Baden floating from group to group, Hannah said that "it just kept revolving constantly".

As for where things are in the game from her elimination onwards, Hannah had no clue.

"Oh God, to be honest, I couldn’t even guess!" she began. "I feel like I’m just walking away from a building that’s burning down."

With all of her alliances out of the game, Hannah went on to say that she was "kind of glad" that she went home when she did, because she didn't know what her next move would've been from there.

"Obviously there’s David and Luke, and Shaun and Daisy -- John’s in there, too -- and Andy..." she paused for a moment. "I don’t think he really has an alliance, I think he’s just kind of… doing whatever feels good at the time?"

Telling us that she "never trusted Andy" Hannah said that he was playing both sides from the beginning.

"I don’t think anyone trusted him!" she said. "He’s like a puppy dog, he’s running from one person to another just telling them whatever they wanna hear, but everyone can see it."

Recalling the moment she found out that he'd told Daisy about Sarah and her plans, Hannah said that it was a moment where she thought 'wow, you're really bad at this!'

"If you’re gonna jump ship, do it when you’re other alliance isn’t around!" she exclaimed.

As for who she thinks is going to take home the title of Sole Survivor, Hannah said her money's on Baden.

"He knows how to fly under the radar but he knows how to pick the right side," she said. "Every move is quite calculated. I’d be quite happy for him to win -- it’d be a good story, to almost go out the first episode and then win would be pretty epic! It’d be good to get a contender there!"

Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders' airs Sunday - Tuesday at 7.30pm, only on 10, 10 Play and WIN Network.

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