Australian Survivor 2019: The Tribal Where No One Was Satisfied

That's what the episode would've been titled if a) it wasn't kind of a spoiler, and b) if this was an episode of 'Friends'.

It was a tribal council that had it all. Plans were changed, whispers were had, idols were played, and in the end, it was... all kind of a bust.

Here's the context: With Shaun -- aka 'The Horse' -- stolen by the Champions at last night's equally chaotic tribal council, The Horse was charging at David, who you'll recall swapped him a fake idol for a real one.

Meanwhile, Luke and David were nervous about Shaun's return, as he'd brought peace to a tribe where they'd been working to create mayhem. Before tribal, Andy also told them that the Contenders were planning on splitting the votes between them, hoping to conspire with them.

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In the end, it wasn't the horse who got spooked. Originally planning to vote Hannah out, once the tribe got into council, David and Luke frantically tried to work out who was telling the truth, and who was lying.

Eventually deciding that it was better safe than sorry, David and Luke BOTH played their idols -- despite declaring themselves to have 'balls of steel' earlier in the night.

With so many big guns voting for one another, the person to go home in the end? Hannah.

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