Australian Survivor 2019: Shaun Spills The Beans On The Tribe Steal And Megan Gale's Reaction

Watching Sunday night's tribal council, which ended with Shaun being stolen by the Champions tribe, Shaun's partner -- who happens to be supermodel Megan Gale -- was shook.

Speaking to 10 daily over the phone, Shaun said that he hasn't told Megan anything about his gameplay or his 'Survivor' journey, so he's having a blast watching it with her as she sees it all unfold.

"She knows where I finish up, but she doesn’t know how I get there, so I was looking forward to last night," he recalled with a laugh. 

Calling it "the most fun", Shaun continued:

"To see how animated she gets during it, how into it she’s getting, it’s just been the best part of the whole thing, I think! She’s just so invested into this. Last night with the swap and stuff, she’s just like, mind-blown, when he said they’re gonna swap someone, so it’s been the best part of the whole thing, watching it with her."

Of course, Megan wasn't alone in having her mind blown by Sunday night's tribal council, as we all watched Harry try to blow the whole game up, only to have it backfire right in his face. So what was it like to actually witness it all unfold at the time? According to Shaun, it was exactly as hectic as you'd think.

"I think it’s only my second tribal council at this stage, so I was thinking ‘what have I been missing out on? Have they all been like this?!’" he said, laughing.

While Shaun wasn't convinced that the Charlie's Angels alliance of Janine, Pia and Abbey would've fallen into Harry's trap because they're "probably a bit too smart to fall for that", Shaun said that as a fan of the game, he respected that Harry was pulling out some big moves. In fact, he's not even sure that it would've cost him any jury votes if Harry were find himself at the end.

Noting that everyone is a big fan of the show, Shaun explained that they "know it takes big moves to win the game".

"We were always like, ‘we’re not gonna vote for whoever we like the most or our closest alliance, we’re gonna vote for the person who deserves it and the person who’s played the best game’," Shaun recalled.

One of Harry's big moves, of course, was his fake son, Oscar Nathan Hills, who Harry revealed to be a work of fiction after Ross asked him if he really had a child.

With many people wondering how Ross figured it out, Shaun had some good intel for us.

Turns out, Shaun and Daisy were the first to suspect that Harry didn't really have a son, but didn't bring it up, because "you can't say that to someone!"

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After tribe swap, however, Shaun was having a conversation with Ross, who asked about Harry.

"I said ‘yeah look, he’s a bit shifty, I don’t know if he can be trusted, we think he’s got a fake child’, and Ross just JUMPED at it," Shaun said. "He LOVED IT!"

He continued: "Ross is just like a big kid, I mean, he’s 53 or something but he acts like he’s 15, it’s brilliant. He was straight onto Harry, he was askin’ him the same question about Harry’s fake son Oscar, over and over again, trying to catch him out in a lie, it was really funny to watch."

Had Harry's big move paid off, Shaun said that his name was going to be on the chopping block, if not that night then soon enough. Getting tribe swapped over to the Champions tribe was "a new lease on life in the game".

Able to reunite with his original Contender tribe mates, and come face-to-face with his 'Survivor' nemesis David, Shaun said that he went over "banking that the connections I had built in the Contenders tribe were stronger than the five days that Luke and Dave had to connect with them".

Both huge 'Survivor' fans, Shaun said that the response to David's fake idol play has been "really funny", especially because fans of the show are "pretty loyal and hardcore".

"There have been a lot of comments talking about how people wanna kill him and rip his head off and stuff like that," he said, laughing. "They get pretty animated, but I think that’s what makes the show fantastic -- you need fans like that!"

Shaun assured us that outside of the game, there's no bad blood between him and David.

"I’ve spoken to Dave lots outside of the game and we get along so well, but we were sort of enemies in there, just by circumstance," he said. "We both know that it’s just a game and we never took anything personally."

In fact, even while Shaun was in the game, he still respected the game that David was playing, even when he was the one getting played.

"When I found out it was a fake idol, I was like ‘yeah, this is definitely fake, first chance I get to take him out, I’ll get him’ and then I also said ‘I mean, it’s a very good move’," he recalled. "Even out there, I could still respect the move!"

Originally planning to hold onto the idol he'd found until tribe swap, Shaun was originally apprehensive about the riskiness of swapping idols at a challenge, but when David told him he needed the idol ASAP, he decided to go for it.

"Part of me was like ‘I’d wanna see this on the show!’" he said.

One move that he's not so proud of? Not actually opening his fake idol for days.

"I thought it was legit an idol for an idol, because I actually made jokes with Dave about it, like ‘I hope he doesn’t swap me a rock!’," he said.

Explaining that he thought it would be too risky for Dave to make an enemy of Shaun, in case Shaun then turned around and told the other tribe that Dave had a real idol, Shaun said that "in hindsight", he wished he'd looked at it sooner.

"It’s also risky to be seen rummaging around your bag, you’ve gotta choose the right time," he explained, adding that once he had it, it was a bit "out of sight, out of mind".

He mused: "The next day I was there for the burgers and beers, and I really could’ve ground his game to a halt at that point!"

The battle of Shaun and David continues this week! Stay tuned, Megan Gale and others!

Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders' airs Sunday - Tuesday at 7.30pm, only on 10, 10 Play and WIN Network.

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